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What Is Back Pain?

Back pain can mean many things…But the most common reasons as to why someone may have back pain are a pulled muscle, sciatica or arthritis. There are lots of muscles in your back…

A Great Exercise To Help Your Knee Pain

Most people don’t think about what could be causing their knee pain. Trust me, even I’ve done that in the past. You’re just in pain, why would you be bothered about the inner workings of the knee, leg, toes, or feet?…

3 Causes of Knee Pain

There are lots of factors that can cause knee pain; torn cartilage, an ACL injury, rheumatoid arthritis pain, knee osteoarthritis, patellar tendinitis, patellofemoral pain syndrome, the list could go on forever…

How to Best Prepare for A Marathon

There are hundreds of ways you can best prepare yourself for an upcoming marathon.
It could be the latest super food, pair of trainers or fitness regime.

Each option offers a range of different benefits and some proving not to be the best. It may be hard to find what is the best option for you…..

Here’s Why Stretching May Not Help Your Pain

The majority of people have experienced pain at some point in their life. In fact, one estimate suggests that up to 8 million people in the UK live with chronic pain.

To be honest most people that come to us have actually tried traditional methods first.

Can these approaches like resting, stretching, painkillers, and even speaking to your G.P. reduce the level of pain you are in?…

Setting goals for 2023

With the New Year now underway we’ll all be thinking about what goals we want to achieve within the year of 2023. Whether these are goals you want to achieve in health and fitness or goals you want to achieve within…

5 Myths About Knee Pain

This blog will help to understand the biggest myths around knee pain. You may have heard of some of these key misconceptions before….

What To Do When Your Back Pain Flares Up

Back pain is a common problem that most people experience at some point in their lifetime.
Studies have found the incidence of low back pain is highest in the third decade, and…

Here’s why Physio can’t help you

If you’re in a lot of pain and thinking about booking a physio appointment, you’re probably wondering what would happen in your first session when seeing a therapist.

Well…let me explain….

3 Tips To Make Your Running More Efficient

Do you feel sluggish when you run?

Are you prone to getting injuries or niggles?

Now is the time to do something about it!

Is there something about the way you run that’s holding you back?…

5 Reasons You’re Not Ready For Physio

We WANT you to achieve your dream outcome. Whether this is to run a marathon, climb the stairs pain free or even to get a full night’s sleep pain free.

We can guarantee you will see results…. HOWEVER if you are not ready for physio this may hinder your progress and as a result limit the benefits of treatment…

5 non-negotiables before knee operations

Is Prehab before Knee Surgery Worth it.

The short answer is YES…

It is 100% worth it.

Let me paint you a picture. A week ago you attempted to change direction whilst playing football and felt something pop in your knee. You go down to the floor and you can already feel your knee start to swell up…

How many sessions will I need?

The all important question that everyone wants to know when it comes to your first session.
Firstly there is no one size fits all.
Every single patient that comes through the door is different…

What To Do After Your Rehab Has Finished….

We have all been there before. You’ve finished your course of physiotherapy. But you don’t quite know where to go from there. What are your options?

Most of the time we are guilty of returning back to sport and living our day-to-day lives without thinking twice. But this can have massive implications if you are not continuing to move as efficiently as your therapist has taught you…

Do Online Physio Sessions Really Work?

Some of you may be sitting there thinking that online physiotherapy must be impossible! For a profession that is known for being ‘hands-on’ how can we treat without physical touch or being there in the room with you?

This blog is hopefully going to help you understand how we get real online results without any hands-on treatment or formal hands-on assessment…

What Is The Difference Between Sports Therapy And Physiotherapy?

When you’re in pain, it can be difficult to identify which profession is going to be the best option for you.

Do you opt for a chiropractor, osteopath, physiotherapist or sports therapist? Without any prior knowledge it’s almost impossible to know what is going to give you the best results…

How To Fit In Your Rehab Exercises At Home

We cannot rely on hands-on treatment alone to put a stop to your pain once and for all.
It is vital to keep on top of physio exercises each week as you progress through a plan to see results.

With this being said we understand that sometimes it can be difficult to adhere to the exercise plan. Some research (1) suggests up to 70% of clients have difficulty with adherence to a rehab program…

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Don't Suffer This Christmas - Find Quick And Easy Pain Relief In Huddersfield Craig Morland| December 08, 2021Do you worry about the thought of living with pain this Christmas? Is it getting too hard to manage? At the ProSport clinic in Huddersfield, we know how you...

A ProSport Physio Answers… Common Questions You May Have About Physio

Are you unsure about physio? Maybe you’re not sure which treatment is best for you? Or unsure how long it will be before getting back to the things that you love?

In this blog we will answer those bug bearing questions you may have. So if you’re in two minds whether physio is the right option for you we’ll clear it all up…

Why Rest Is Not Always The Best

Have you increased your frequency of exercise and now starting to experience some niggles and don’t know why?

Have you been told that you should just rest for a week and then re-start exercising again at the same level?…

Why Do We Charge More Than Other Physios?

Can you put a price on your health? Maybe it’s time to think more about your body like you would your car?

You wouldn’t drive around in a car with a faulty engine? In need of a service and MOT? So don’t let this be the case with your body….

6 Common Misconceptions You Probably Have About Physiotherapy

At ProSport Physio Huddersfield we see 100s of patients come through our door every week who are in pain and in desperate need of our help.

In spite of this we still hear the same misconceptions about what physiotherapy is and what we offer to our clients…

What Is Sciatica & How Can You Solve It?

Have you ever had sharp pains coming down the back of your leg? Have you ever been told you might have sciatica but unsure what that means?

Just hearing that word can be enough to scare anyone. Who do you look to and where do you go?…

What’s The Difference? Sports Massage vs Deep Tissue Massage

Here at ProSport Physiotherapy we offer a wide range of services… From physiotherapy to sports massage, wellness classes and longevity classes.

But one question we are regularly asked is… ‘what is the difference between a regular massage and sports massage?’…

A ProSport Therapist Reveals: When To Not Call A Physio

The first thing that may go through someone’s mind when they suffer an injury or struggle with pain is… ‘who do I need to contact first?’

Now, this can be a tough decision to make if you are not sure why you are getting pain or what the injury may be…

The 5 Most Common Myths About Back Pain

Have you ever suffered from back pain in your lifetime?

Have you been told many different theories about what your back pain is but never had clarity on the matter?

Have you been told that the best thing to do is get an MRI scan in case you’ve ‘slipped a disc’?…

How To Beat Your Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be incredibly frustrating. You’ve tried hot or cold packs, bed rest, and pain killers but only ever get temporary pain relief.

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