Knee Pain Exercise – 3d Quad Stretch

Shane Mooney | September 15, 2021

For anyone suffering from knee pain, it can be a serious problem. It can make doing even the simplest of tasks a real uphill battle.

At the ProSport clinic, we see our fair share of knee pain. For most people, our practice is their last resort. They have seen other therapists or tried all of the knee exercises they can but that pain just won’t shift.

Well, if this sounds like you. If you’re stuck inside whilst everyone else goes out on their Sunday walk, if you’re missing out on the gym or unable to pick up your kids off the floor, then we are here to help…

Today, I want to share one simple knee pain exercise that will….

Read on to find out….


What Is Causing Your Chronic Knee Pain?

No one person responds to an injury in the same way so it’s safe to say the catalyst for your knee pain is probably not the same either. It could have been bought on by lifting your shopping or spending a few too many minutes on the treadmill.

Whatever may have bought it on, at ProSport, we are interested in one thing, what the true cause of your knee pain is.

This is always different from person to person but most problems with the knees occur when the knee becomes overload. If you want more information on that, we covered it in-depth in a previous post, which you can read HERE.

Today we are interested in one simple exercise that could help you beat that knee pain.

what is causing your knee pain

The Truth About Knee Pain Exercises

There are so many knee exercises out there. All you have to do is type something into Google and you get thousands of videos and health experts telling you which exercise is going to work for you.

The truth is if you have persistent knee pain then just trying a few exercises is not going to replace a thorough treatment programme. Just trying something and hoping it works can be risky.

So before you try any knee exercises you should always consider consulting a specialist. Whether it’s a physiotherapist, doctor, or health specialist you need someone who can provide medical advice and build the best treatment plan based on your situation.

full body analysis with Shane and Craig Physiotherapist in Huddersfield

3d Quad Stretch

This is an exercise I regularly give my knee pain patients. I include it in treatment plans and it can be incredibly powerful.

Now I won’t pretend it will magically get rid of your knee pain overnight but it can help us begin to make a real difference through your treatment.

So how do you do it?

Step 1

For the 3d quad stretch, you can use a wall, sofa, or bench. You want to be on one knee with your foot placed against the wall or the top of a bench with the heel towards your buttocks, keeping your back straight. You want to keep that back knee bent and as close to the wall as you can tolerate.

It’s worth noting that the further your knee is from the wall, the easier it will be. If it does feel too intense you can bring the knee a little further away from the wall. If it is too easy you can bring the knee closer.

This is your starting position.

Starting Position - 3d Quad Stretch Knee Exercise

Hands Over Head Lean Back

From the starting position, with both knees bent, one foot planted on the ground and the other against the wall, you want to draw your upper body and chest nice and tall.

Lift your arms up above your head, slowly bend backward, reach behind and try to touch the wall. Allow your hips to move forward. This motion will stretch the muscles in the front of the thigh.

This is your first set of eight reps.

Hands Overhead - 3d Quad Stretch Knee Exercise


After those eight reps of hands overhead, you want to extend your hands out in front and twist over the front leg, reaching as far as you can toward the wall.

Again, you should be able to feel this in the thigh muscle.
This is your second set of eight reps.

Rotating 3d Quad Stretch min Knee Pain Exercise - 3d Quad Stretch

Hands Over Head Lean To Side

For the final eight repetitions you, again, want to lift your arms overhead and reach over the planted foot.

Leaning 3d Quad Stretch min Knee Pain Exercise - 3d Quad Stretch

Switching Legs

So that is 8 reps of reaching overhead and trying to touch the wall, 8 twisting over the leg, and 8 overhead. Once you are done you can move away from the wall and slowly lower the back leg.

In this example, these motions will stretch the left leg muscles but if you wanted to target the right then you would switch to the other leg, placing the opposite knee on the floor and foot on the wall.

Remember, you have trouble doing this 3d Quad Stretch or experience pain, stop immediately and seek advice from a healthcare professional.

Switching Legs - 3d Quad Stretch Knee Exercise

Watch Full Demo Here

Final Thoughts On Your Knee Pain

It is all well and good trying knee exercises to relieve your pain but ultimately, every person is different. What works for someone else may not work for you, which is why it is so important to see a specialist.

At the ProSport clinic, we base our treatment on you. We understand that getting rid of pain isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ kind of deal. We take every single patient through a simple assessment and build a bespoke treatment plan. For us, it isn’t just about getting rid of the pain but making sure it doesn’t come back.

So if you’re still struggling with knee pain, if it has pushed the pause button on your life, click the button below and book your appointment today.

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