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At ProSport Physiotherapy, we are a physio and wellness company for people in Huddersfield and surrounding areas. We Empower People To Feel Good Again While Protecting Their Health. We focus on giving people the clarity to take realistic daily action to build habits for lasting change that makes a noticeable difference in how they feel and enjoy life. We are based in Huddersfield, in West Yorkshire, UK. At our headquarters – a modern, clean, open performance facility in Lindley Moor road

The Core Values We Live and
Breathe Every Day


  • Team player, helping others when they need help
  • Supporting every team member
  • Doing the right thing by everyone⠀


  • Giving 100% effort when no one is watching
  • Being able to speak without fear
  • Asking for help when needed⠀


  • Enjoying coming to and being at work
  • Positive can-do attitude
  • Playing my part in creating a positive atmosphere


Our team is handpicked, genuine, honest, caring and “A” team players. We do not tolerate anything less in our environment. We move fast, are bold, have crazy high standards, are hungry and addicted to growth and learning, and enjoy what we do. We thrive on growth, learning, and love the opportunity to serve this mission together. (Click the images to learn more about each therapist)
David O'Sullivan Huddersfield Physiotherapist


I’m the one who started the clinic in a very small room above a shop in Huddersfield.
Oli Evans Physiotherapist In Huddersfield


I’m one of the therapists at Pro Sport Physiotherapy.

Casey ProSport Physiotherapy


I’m the one who will greet you with a lovely smile and a cup of coffee in the clinic.
Shane Mooney Physiotherapist In Huddersfield


I’m The Head physiotherapist at The Pro Sport Physiotherapy Clinic in Huddersfield.

Sarah Whitely Sports Injury Therapist In Huddersfield


I’m one of the Sports therapists at Pro Sport Physiotherapy.

Craig Morland Chartered Physiotherapist Huddersfield


I’m the one who creates the videos you see on our website and Facebook.
Sandra ProSport Physiotherapy


I’m the Manager at Pro Sport I will greet you with a lovely smile and a cup of coffee in the clinic.
Amy Henson Sports Therapist in Huddersfield


I’m one of the Sports therapists at Pro Sport Physiotherapy.

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