Staying consistent with exercise 2023

 Amy Henson |   January 25, 2023

Do you lack motivation?

Do you struggle to stay consistent with exercise?

Are you constantly injured, therefore not able to exercise?

Start the new year right and make a change now!

Staying consistent with exercise 2023

Getting back into exercise after Christmas and the New Year can be difficult and it can be even more challenging staying consistent with the exercise.

Do you have a love/hate relationship with exercise? Constantly stopping and starting throughout the year. Finding yourself enjoying exercise and feeling really motivated until something crops up which unsettles your routine and then finding it difficult to get back into it and slowly weeks and months pass.

Start the new year right and make a change now!<br />


There’s so many reasons as to why people struggle to stay consistent with exercise throughout the year…

Life can sometimes just get in the way and disrupt routine and then it’s hard to get back on track.

If you pay for a gym membership, the cost can also stop people from taking part in exercise.

Lack of availability is another reason, work can become hectic resulting in lack of time spent on focusing on yourself.

Some people do just fall out of love with exercising and lose their motivation.


Start the new year right and make a change now!<br />

There’s so many different ways to be able to stay consistent with exercise!

Let me give you a few…


To be able to stay consistent with exercise over 2023 it’s super important that we don’t have any injuries occur or have any current niggling injuries at the moment. When we are exercising it’s essential that we are using all the muscles in our body together and equally, this will help when recovering from an injury or/and limit the risk of getting an injury.


It’s always good to start the year as you mean to go on… this could mean having an assessment to see if there are any areas within the body that needs to be worked on. Enabling us to catch any issues before they become apparent. It’s always best to be one step ahead which will help reduce the risk of injury.


To make sure you stay on track with your exercise routine, then it’s vital to keep your body in good shape. Massage is such a good way to keep your muscles relaxed, alleviate DOMS and aid in recovery, so that you aren’t dropping out of sporting events and are able to enhance your sporting performance. Massage on a weekly/monthly basis will make sure you can stay consistent with your exercise routine without it being interrupted with sore and tight muscles.


Staying consistent with exercise 2023<br />

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