5 Reasons You’re Not Ready For Physio

Sarah Whiteley |   October 18, 2022

5 Reasons You're Not Ready For Physio

We WANT you to achieve your dream outcome. Whether this is to run a marathon, climb the stairs pain free or even to get a full night’s sleep pain free.

We can guarantee you will see results…. HOWEVER if you are not ready for physio this may hinder your progress and as a result limit the benefits of treatment.

Here are our 5 reasons why YOU might not be ready for physio

5 Reasons You're Not Ready For Physio

1. You think you will be fixed in one session

When we assess an injury we generally put the injury into one of two categories.
It will either be an overuse injury (something that has no clear mechanism, and can get worse over time) or a traumatic injury which occurs at one specific point and can often be the result of a car incident, sports injury or a fall.

Overuse injuries are a result of the muscles working harder than they should. Now fixing the problem is not as simple as targeting the muscle that is giving you pain.
What we really want to know to fix the problem, is why is this muscle forced to work harder in the first place?

Now as you can see there is more to this than meets the eye, the injury can occur for a number of reasons and identifying this is key to ensuring that you are directed with the right exercises.

For a number of reasons this can take a few sessions to identify. Especially if the route cause is something that has been ongoing for a number of years.

For example a patient who comes in with knee pain, but also has a long history of ankle sprains.
There was no mechanism with the knee, it just came on after time but she had no knee pain prior to the ankle sprains.
The testing in the session identifies that the ankle is still not happy tolerating load therefore the knee is working harder to overcompensate.

Alternatively a traumatic injury can be easier to identify depending on how it happened and what tissues were involved. But this does not mean it will take one session. They can often take longer depending on how they happened and how severe they are.

If you are someone who thinks one session will be enough to get you back to doing the things you need and want then we are NOT the right place for you.
We do NOT guarantee quick fixes and therefore you will not see results.

You think you will be fixed in one session

2. You want the short term benefits

As mentioned above we really aim to get you back doing the things that you NEED and WANT to be able to do completely pain free without the problem returning.

With our years of experience we know that if you only treat the superficial issues you should expect the pain to come back.

Treating the pain and not the problem will only give you short term benefits.
When you return to higher level activities the demand is too high for the body to cope therefore it resorts to old movement habits and therefore the pain comes back again.

Trust us on this one, the long term benefits far far outweigh the short term benefits.

Think of this, if your problem keeps on returning and you have to keep paying for this to be fixed with sports massage or one of two physio sessions you are paying a lot more over a longer period.
If you treat the problem you will see long term results and will not have to pay for treatment again.

Sounds good right?

You want the short term benefits

3. You don’t have the time to do exercises

We are proud that the exercises we prescribe have been specifically designed in a way to treat a specific problem whilst doing certain activities or movements.
This means that the exercises given are easy to implement in your day to day routine. Implementing exercises day to day and correcting movement habits is the most efficient way to subconsciously improve your movement and reduce the likelihood of new injuries from arising.

With this being said, if you do not do the exercises prescribed then you will NOT see the results you desire.

In order to put a stop to your pain you need to ensure that you are moving as efficiently as possible, which means implementing new movement habits. You will only see the benefits of the exercises if you are consistent with them. Staying consistent means you have the best chance at being able to continue to move efficiently without thinking about it.


You don't have the time to do exercises

4. You just want hands on treatment

As mentioned above, it is vital to do the exercises if you want to see results.
Yes….. hands on may make you feel better, but these benefits are only short lived. To ensure that you continue to keep moving as well as you can it is important to complete the exercises.

Here at Prosport we focus the majority of our treatment on fixing the problem, this roughly accounts for 80% of the work we do. This 80% allows us to encourage your body to move efficiently, stop the pain from coming back and more importantly fixes the problem that is causing your pain in the first place.
For example you might be struggling with knee pain, but this may be a result of the hamstring not tolerating enough load now causing the knee to pick up the slack.
Targeting the knee alone might help reduce some of the pain you are experiencing but it WILL NOT stop your pain from coming back.

The remaining 20% of what we treat is aimed at giving you some pain relief, targeting the area of which is giving you discomfort at the time. This will make it easier fr or you to do the exercises.

You just want hands on treatment

5. You are not willing to progress through the steps of rehab as recommended

We are all guilty of wanting to get back to the things we love and want to do. It can be difficult to take some rest and slowly progress yourself back into physical exercise.

In the above section we discussed treating 80% or the problem causing the pain to ensure that the pain DOESN’T come back again.
This is vital but to also make sure that the pain doesn’t come back it is important to follow a graded exposure plan to prevent flare ups during your treatment.

Your body will require time to heal, if you do not complete the suggested time it may be that your injury takes longer to recover from, or it comes back each time you do exercise that is more physically demanding than what you have done with your therapist.

You are not willing to progress through the steps of rehab as recommended

Need More Help?

If you feel like you fit into any of these categories then it may be that physiotherapy is not right for you right now.
We want to ensure that YOU see the results so you can get back to doing the things that you need and want to be able to do.

If you want to start your journey back to a pain-free life today please click here or call 01484 443173 to book your free 1-1 assessment today.

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