What Is Tennis Elbow And Do I Have It?

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What Actually Is Tennis Elbow?   We see a lot of Tennis Elbow problems in our Physiotherapy Clinic here in Huddersfield is a common condition that affects the outside of the elbow joint. The elbow has a large number of structures such as tendons, ligaments and muscles converging into a small area. At ProSport Phystio The…

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The Best Plantar Fasciitis Treatment In Huddersfield

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  Plantar Fasciitis is a common problem we often see with runners that come into our Physio Clinic here in Huddersfield. Although notoriously an injury that affects runners, it can happen to anyone.   Plantar Fasciitis has a reputation of being difficult to resolve, leaving people of out action from the activities they love for…

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What Is Sciatica And Do I Have It?

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Sciatic type pain or ‘Sciatica’ as it’s frequently known as is one of the most common problems that we see in our physiotherapy clinic here in Huddersfield. You may have heard the term before and if you have any type of low back pain, may even have been diagnosed with ‘sciatica’ by a helpful friend 🙂…

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4 Realistic Ways To Stay Active & Healthy Even When Life Get’s Too ‘Busy’

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  Some weeks back a few of our patients were sat in the clinic chatting to Kirsty about the how they would love to get fitter and move more. This was especially because the Summer holidays were ending and the thought of finding the time to keep active & stay healthy was often proved to…

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How To Get Your Energy Back & Make It Stay

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  Here at ProSport Physiotherapy our Deep Muscle Massage department is different to the typical Spa’s.    Our massage is tailored to you, so you can get the most out of your time here in the clinic.  We get right to the source of your pain and is designed to help you better in the long…

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Is A Massage For Me?

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Deep muscle massages here at ProSport Physiotherapy focus on relieving tension, aches, pain, and stiffness. We allow you to move easily, free from restrictions and not have to worry about your upcoming plans for the days ahead.   Having provided deep muscle massage to the people of West Yorkshire over the past years we still…

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How To Wake Up Earlier, Get More Done And Stop Hitting The Snooze Button

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    How many of us are guilty of hitting that snooze button for an extra 10 minutes in bed? I know I have and it’s something that is very difficult to get out of the habit of once it begins to become a regular occurrence.   Do you ever just feel sometimes that there…

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Is Sitting Bad For Your Health?


  Look around you and what is the most common you see people doing?   Don’t see it?   What are all these people doing… sitting!   Are you sat reading this? We all do it, all day. We sit whilst we commute, we sit at work then we sit to have our evening meal…

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Is It Safe To Exercise With A Bad Back?


  One of the biggest concerns from people we are helping with lower back pain is whether to exercise or not.   Providing you are safe to do so, our advice will typically be to exercise as much as you can comfortably. That may surprise many of you reading this. Convention tells us to rest…

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4 Ways You Can Eat Healthier At A Restaurant

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As many of our summer holidays approach one thing at the top of many people’s priority list is to lose that couple of pounds to look and feel good by the pool. I’m sure if you look around your office over lunch you will see an influx of salad bowls, smoothies and a wide array…

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