The Best Exercises For Back Pain

Dave O’Sullivan | February 25, 2020

Now very interestingly a lot of people think when they come here to ProSport Physiotherapy in Salendine Nook, that you’re gonna get a lot of strengthening exercises.

Now, we will give you exercises that you’re gonna feel muscles working very hard, but what we’re trying to do, by getting those muscles to work hard is we’re trying to get other muscles to relax. Because very often it’s a lot harder to relax than it is to tense.

So when you’ve got a lot of stress in your life you’ve got a lot of things going on, it’s very, very hard sometimes to be able to relax…

…That’s the same with a lot of people with back pain.

So what we do here and what we think a little bit differently at ProSport Physiotherapy, all the Physiotherapists, Sport Therapists we’re all trained in this same approach, is to look at the body as one system.

And what we wanna do at ProSport Physiotherapy, is we wanna help certain muscles to be able to relax again. So one big mistake that I see people make with back pain is they try to sit upright.

So if you sit straight upright the one thing that’s gonna happen when you sit really upright with back pain is your lower back muscles are gonna be constantly working and that’s very uncomfortable to try to sit upright.

And if you’ve ever tried to sit up with perfect posture before, what you’re gonna naturally notice after four or five minutes is you’re gonna start to relax and you’re gonna start to slouch. Now the keyword there is relax.

Exercises For Back Pain

Who looks more relaxed?
Someone who’s up like that or someone who’s just a little bit relaxed, without being excessively slouched So I’m not saying you wanna be in the worst possible range, slouched posture ever. But you also don’t wanna be bold upright.

Because when you’re bold upright if you feel the muscles in your lower back and you sit up straight you feel these muscles that are parallel to your spin, they’re actually working. Now if you take your fist and you go like that and tighten your fist, you’re gonna feel all those muscles working around your fist.

So if you have to sit throughout the day and your fist is working really hard like this.

And this is a clear analogy for the lower back. After a few minutes the fist is going to give you signals and all the muscles around my wrist, they’re sending messages to your brain going, hey, I’m working very hard here.
That’s gonna make it very uncomfortable.

This wrist might actually get a little bit painful if you keep holding it like this.
Again, that’s a signal to my brain to say, hey, I’m doing a lot of work here. I need to relax, okay? So a lot of people with back pain, they make the mistake of trying to sit upright even more,

So there again, if we’ve got a lot of load going through a certain area of the back and we sit up straight, then we’re contributing to that by making these muscles even work a lot harder. So what we do at ProSport Physio, essentially with the lower back is we allow it to relax. Now how do we allow it to relax?

Now, the key thing is we need to put the pieces of your story together. But we get the lower back muscles to relax by getting other areas of the body to do more work because the body’s ultimately like a see-saw.

What we wanna do is we don’t want your lower back to do loads of work, we don’t want it to do no work.

We just want it to do the right amount of work for any given task or situation but we also want your legs, we want you hands, we want your torso, want everything else to do its job so you lower back doesn’t have to do too much work, give your brain a signal going, “hey, I’m doing a lot of work here”, which ultimately from my experience results in a lot of people with a very real sensation of pain.

So to get the lower back muscles to relax what we do is we figure out in your story, in your previous injuries, what’s contributing maybe to your lower back doing a little bit more work. What’s contributing to your back tightening a little bit.

Putting a little bit pressure maybe on your discs, on your nerves, you know, whatever your diagnosis. But if you’ve been told you have a bulging disc, you’ve had sciatica, you’ve a nerve root issue, whatever it is the pathology is the pathology.

What we wanna find out is what’s causing this area to have excessive pressure, excessive load,
we take that excessive load away by getting other areas of the body to do its job.

So that’s where in ProSport Physio, you’re gonna see a lot of exercises that are designed to give you a lot of relaxation around your lower back.

While we get other areas of the body working very hard we get that see-saw balance. So finally your lower back muscles can relax. We take excessive load off your disc. We take excessive load off the nerve.

We take excessive load off wherever the painful area is, and we get everything to do its job. And that’s the main approach here that all my therapists at ProSport Physiotherapy are trained in.

It’s the approach I use with England Rugby. It’s the approach I use with professional golfers.

And you too can access this treatment approach that ProSport and world class athletes have access to. Right here in Salendine Nook in Huddersfield.

There’s a free Discovery Session, an absolutely no obligation session where you can come in, you can have a chat with a therapist, they’ll do an assessment of you. Now, they won’t treat you. They won’t give you any exercises to do.

It’ll be an assessment where they’ll give you an honest opinion of what they think is causing the problem and also what they think realistically, okay and honestly, how many sessions it’s gonna take. So we’ll completely be upfront from the first session and give you a realistic idea.


(WORTH £70)

Now obviously we’re not mind readers or fortune tellers, but from experience we’ve got a rough idea of how long it’s gonna take based on previous people that we’ve been able to help with complex back pain patients or with symptoms.

So we’ll give you what we think is causing the problem specific to you and we’ll also align what the treatment plan would look for you to get you back to whatever it is you wanna get back to. So click on the button below.


(WORTH £70)

Or if you’re not quite ready to come in for a free Discovery Session, if there’s any copies of my book left and you live around Huddersfield, you live locally


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