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Listen To What Our Other Patients Have To Say

“After going to my GP and never being given a clear treatment plan ProSport gave me a clear root to follow that allowed me to get back to doing what I love to do which is run.”

“My story started 7 years ago when I had a pain in my lower back and went to see many different Physios and Chiropractors in the local area. Since coming to ProSport I found that I was listened to. They understood that I wanted to get back playing gold and lifting my grandkids and after the first couple of sessions I’m already back doing that!”

“I took in a total 6 sessions and now I feel back to normal. I understand my body a lot more and everything feels to have completely improved. I’m now back playing Golf with ease, doing daily fitness, even just commuting to work is so much easier”

“I have been in a long term chronic pain for around 3 years. Speaking to ProSport has allowed me to get my quality of life back. I’m now going out, I no longer have depression and my life is getting back to normal. ”

“Their approach to my treatment was really good, giving me confidence to build up my own exercises. They understood my priorities (getting back to work and getting back to CrossFit) and I was able to achieve these. I now have confidence in my movement and the resilience of my body that I didn’t have before.”

“After the first few sessions the pain was easing and I noticed a definite improvement. I have more energy, I’m happier, my self esteem and confidence has improved. I’m finally able to do other things in my life again.”

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