How You Should Be Breathing During A Race

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At ProSport Physiotherapy Huddersfield we are BIG on breathing and the many benefits of nasal breathing.   Nasal breathing has many benefits such as; Giving you more energy, increasing concentration, uplifting your mood and giving you better general health by filtering germs and bacteria which can prevent potential illness.   If you would like to…

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1 Thing That Can Help You Hit All Of Your Goals In 2018


  New years resolution time… we have all set ours at ProSport Physiotherapy Huddersfield and we are keeping tabs on each other to make sure we stay on track. Perhaps you plan to get healthier and more in shape, or are training for your first 5k. Maybe yours is simply to spend some more time…

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ProSport’s Tip 5 Tips To A Healthy(ish) Christmas

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    We are getting very excited about Christmas here at ProSport Physiotherapy. The Christmas decorations are out and we have the Christmas songs playing on the radio in reception! And while we are looking forward to a copious amount of food and drink over the festive period, we have put together our 5 top…

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ProSport Physiotherapy Marathon Package [Spring Edition]


    As Christmas approaches, those of you who have committed to running a marathon in Spring 2018 will be starting to think about your training in the new year. Whether you’ve been lucky enough to get into the London or Boston Marathon or signed up for one of the many other great marathons such as Manchester,…

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3 Things You Are Doing That Aren’t Helping Your Knee Pain

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  We all know how frustrating and upsetting knee pain can be.   At ProSport Physiotherapy Clinic Huddersfield, a lot of our patients come and tell us that their Knee Pain is stopping them from playing with their your children/grandchildren, taking part in sports or even keeping them up at night leaving them tired the next…

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Why Do My Aches & Pains Feel Worse In The Cold?

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  ARE YOUR JOINTS STARTING TO FEEL STIFF LATELY? DO THEY ACHE MORE THAN USUAL? HAVE YOU NOTICED ANY CLICKING OR CRACKING COMING FROM YOUR JOINTS?   If this has begun to occur and you’re not too sure why this is the case, don’t worry as you are not alone. Here at ProSport Physiotherapy Huddersfield,…

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Maintain Your New Found Mobility And Freedom With Our Year Of Care Massage Packages

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  At ProSport Physiotherapy Clinic Huddersfield, we are proud to announce the launch of our Year Of Care packages. What is a year of care package? After a course of treatment at ProSport Physiotherapy, people kept asking us what they could do to have the best chance of maintaining their new found mobility and freedom.…

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Best Way To Get Rid Of Sacroiliac Joint Pain

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Sacroiliac (SI) and lower back pain is something we see every day in our Physiotherapy Clinic in Huddersfield and is quite often a hot topic of discussion and varied opinions. There are many common misconceptions when it comes to this area of this body in relation to its role and what can (and more importantly…

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Should I Join The Better Breathing Classes In Huddersfield?

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You may have seen over the past couple of weeks that we are re-launching our 6-week better-breathing program. The last time we ran this program we had great feedback from the participants, many of whom wanted to sign up for another course! So we decided to launch the second block so that more people can…

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When Can I Get Back To Running After Achilles Tendinopathy?

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  What is Achilles Tendinopathy?   The Achilles tendinopathy is the connection between the calf muscle (made up of the gastrocnemius and the soleus) and the heel bone (calcaneus). It is one of the thickest and strongest tendons in the body and can tolerate loads of up to 4 times body weight when walking, and…

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