The 6 Main Risk Factors for Osteoarthritis

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The 6 Main Risk Factors of getting Osteoarthritis:   These factors can Increase your Risk of Osteoarthritis.     This does not mean however that there is little that can be done about it.     Osteoarthritis responds well to exercise and what is commonly referred to Wear and Tear of joints is more accurately…

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9 Million People suffer with Osteoarthritis in the UK

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Have you been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis or ‘’Wear and Tear’’?   Have you been in Pain for a Long Time?   Has this resulted in you being Less Active and avoiding many activities which used to bring you Joy or simply relief from day to day stressors?   If you can relate to this, Help Is At Hand.  …

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Doing This 1 Thing Will Show Huge Benefits To Your Pelvic Floor


Have you ever noticed yourself leak a little bit of urine when you’ve coughed, sneezed or gotten into a fit of the giggles with your friends? I bet you’ve heard it’s common… “you’ve had kids” or “it happens as you get older” “That’s normal right?” Wrong! Just because something is common doesn’t mean it is…

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4 Tips To Enjoy A Flight Free From Back Pain

  With the start of the 6 weeks holiday’s in Huddersfield, chances are you will be jumping on a plane jetting off on your summer holiday. We have had a number of patients come in the past few weeks nervous about flying because of their back pain. No one likes the idea of sitting on…

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1 Key Thing To Ensure You Have A Undisturbed Night’s Sleep

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At ProSport Physiotherapy Clinic Huddersfield, we have the best-kept secret to ensuring you have a full, undisturbed night’s sleep… …Waking up, full of energy, focused for the day ahead and without that 3 pm lag. As our patients come first, we always take on board their thoughts. So…by popular demand, we have changed out Better…

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Is Running Or Walking Too Far Bad For Your Knees?

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“I had to give up running because it was putting too much strain on my knees”, or “I don’t walk so far anymore because of my bad knees”.   These are phrases we often hear at ProSport Physiotherapy Huddersfield during the very first session with a new client. And they often follow up with the…

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Why Knee Pain Hurts More In A Morning

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  We hear it all the time here at The Huddersfield Physiotherapy Clinic… “I’m not too bad once I get going, but going down the stairs first thing in the morning is a nightmare for my knees!”.   But why does this happen? Truth is there’s no cookie cutter answer for why you get knee…

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When To Start Physiotherapy After An Injury

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  Here at ProSport Physiotherapy Huddersfield Clinic we often get people contacting us asking when the best time is to come in and see us after an injury.   Many people have been told by healthcare professionals, friends, family and other people that the best form of advice for an injury is to rest it…

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Why Physiotherapy Didn’t Help With Your Back Pain

Why Physiotherapy Didn't Help With Your Back Pain

Have you had treatment for back pain that didn’t seem to help? Or help in the short term but the pain came back?   If you’ve answered yes to the above, ask yourself the question… did you and your physio really get to the root cause of the problem, or just treat the symptoms?  …

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5 Essential Tips To Ensuring A full Recovery After A Marathon

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  What a Month a Marathons it has been… …now it’s time for recovery. If you have run a marathon this year, or even if you’re in training for one in the next few Months. We’ve got you covered with 5 tips in the blog below to ensure you get the best recovery possible! 1)…

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