Top Tips to Keep Healthy on your Summer Holidays

Top Tips to Keep Healthy on your Summer Holidays

It’s getting to that time of year where many of our clients at ProSport Physiotherapy and even some of the staff members are looking to get away for a summer break.   If this is the case then this blog is the perfect thing for you to read before you head away.   Whether you’re…

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Is Your Scar Affecting You?

Is Your Scar effectin You-1

Scars can have a significant impact on how we move. Scar tissue is formed by trauma to the skin, muscle or fascia depending on the depth. The scar tissue restricts the tissues ability to stretch and slide.   Scar tissue is made up of collagen and is formed haphazardly unlike healthy tissue which is laid…

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Have you ever wondered what the simplest thing for getting healthy is? Look no further, because once you’ve read this article you will know! A lot of patients we see are always on the look out for new ways to feel great, and to have a healthier lifestyle. This is especially common on the back…

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The Difference Between 3d Stretching and Static Stretching

Running Background Centred

“I should stretch more” is something we hear everyday in the clinic. As we said in our previous blog stretching is important, however not all stretches are created equal! The standard stretches that most people know, like pulling your heel towards your bum to stretch your quads, don’t quite make the cut here at ProSport,…

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Is Stretching Important?

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 13.15.05

Stretching is one of those things that we could all do more of. When we get that 10 minutes of free time, we usually gravitate towards a coffee and a rest rather than a stretch! But stretching is important for a number of reasons: It Maintains, and Improves, Joint Range of Movement This works at…

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Does Your Child Snore?


Is snoring a problem? A child’s snoring may seem cute or even funny, but if your child is a regular snorer (every / most nights) it may be a sign that they are not breathing as efficiently as they should and it could be affecting the quality of sleep that they are getting. What is…

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Nasal vs Mouth Breathing


The aim of this blog today is to give you some well documented health benefits of breathing through your nose, as opposed to breathing through your mouth. As Patrick McKeown, author of The Oxygen Advantage best puts it, “Noses are for breathing, Mouths are for eating” Mouth breathing is synonymous with what we like to…

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Nike’s ‘Breaking 2’ – Is a sub-2 hour marathon possible?


Even in a highly controlled environment with the latest advances in footwear and sports science, the 2 hour marathon remains right at the edge of human possibility. Last weekend, Nike’s ingenious marketing project ‘Breaking 2’ took over the running world. Since being announced in 2014, Nike have been working closely with 3 of the best…

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Pain, Stress & Asthma : Could Improving How You Breathe Improve Your Health?


We thought we should share some specific information that will allow you to make the best decision for your health. How you breathe is pivotal to your health both physically and mentally. We see people every day who are suffering symptoms ranging from pain to stress to asthma, all which can be aided by improving…

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Breathing and Energy Management


Time is a valuable commodity, which is why it is not unusual to hear people talking about ‘time management’. In today’s society where most of us are balancing busy jobs with a busy family and busy social lives, it seems if we could just manage every second of every day more effectively we could make…

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