The best thing to get rid of Back Pain in Huddersfield

Dave O’Sullivan | August 9, 2019

Get Rid Of Back Pain

If you’ve got back pain, the best way to get to the bottom of the real problem is to speak to one of our physios. You can book an appointment to speak to one of our physios face to face completely free of charge.

In the meantime, however, the best thing to do is keep as mobile as possible. If the pain gets so bad that you need to lie in bed for a while, that’s absolutely fine. But once the pain starts to wear off again it’s better to get up and move gently.

Breathing and relaxation exercises can also help. These help to relax the muscles that attach onto the ribcage, and usually in response to pain our breathing changes which can actually make the pain worse.

If ibuprofen or paracetamol take the edge off the pain, take the regular dose for a few days. Pain killers are fine in the short term, but if you’re relying on them for a long time they start to become less effective.

Heat bags / ice packs, hot showers, massages can all help in the meantime. Whilst they will provide some short term pain relief, they won’t fix the underlying problem. That’s why it’s so important that you get to the bottom of the true case of YOUR back pain..

If you’re suffering from lower back pain and want to get to the bottom of it so that you can stop it from returning then you need this report, you can download it by clicking on the image below.

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