Why Have I Got Lower Back Pain?

Dave O’Sullivan | July 19, 2019

Have I Got Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a very common condition that can have a range of different causes. The predominant feature is a pain in the lower back, usually accompanied by significant restriction into certain movements.

Lower back pain can be acute, where the injury is very recent and extremely painful. It can also be chronic, where the pain is less severe but has been ongoing for a long time. When the pain is chronic, people usually avoid certain activities and movements for fear of the back ‘going’ again.

It can also be acute on chronic, which is where the pain goes away but comes back again periodically. This is extremely common.

The pain itself can come from a lot of different areas. Sometimes the discs and nerves can become irritated which can lead to pain in the back and down the leg. Sometimes the tissues around the back such as the muscles can become extremely sensitive which can cause a lot of pain in the lower back. Sometimes the lower back muscles are simply overworking because something, somewhere else, isn’t doing its job very well.

We will explore what causes lower back pain in our next blog…

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