Setting Yourself Obtainable Goals


So.. you’ve been hit with a wave of Inspiration and the Motivation to get up and start exercising is stronger than ever before, it feels obtainable.

You get to the gym or out walking or simply get moving some more.

You manage to do this for a few days, weeks or maybe even months.

But then that Motivation appears to be gone, and you’re back to square one.


Without doubt, the best way to manage these Peaks and Troughs in motivation, is through goal setting.  

Goals prevent us from getting disheartened when we have a bad day.

Keep us Focused on the end point as opposed to how you feel on that particular day.  


Everybody, including professional athletes, will have days where they don’t feel particularly strong mentally or physically.

So Goal Setting is important to prevent losing sight of why we are trying to implement a change in our lives and why that is important to us.


So how do we go about setting goals for ourselves?  Goals need to be SMART.


1.  Specific – Losing weight is a poor goal.  

Being able to walk 10000 steps every day within  4 months, for instance is more specific and a side effect of that is you will lose weight.


2. Measurable – Pick something that you can monitor some way.

If it’s walking for instance get a step counter on your phone and monitor your progress over the course of a few weeks/months


3. Achievable – set long term targets and short term targets.  

Make sure you don’t ask too much of yourself too soon, but by all means aim high.


4. Relevant – something that’s important to you and something that will add value to your life


5. Time Based – Put a time cap on your goal for some time in the future.

Doing this will motivate you to get moving on the days you are less than sprightly but also allow some wiggle room for when life gets in the way.




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