The Number 1 Way Of Getting Rid Of Lower Back Pain In Huddersfield

Dave O’Sullivan | August 2, 2019

Lower Back Pain In Huddersfield

In our last couple of blogs, we talked about what back pain is and what causes lower back pain. Today’s blog is all about why finding the true stressor unique to your body is so important. To do this it’s easier to use a clinical example…

I was explaining this to a patient only just this morning. Mary has had back pain on and off for the past 10 years. She had been pretty good for a couple of years up until last week. Last week, she went to pick a tea towel up from the kitchen floor and felt the dreaded ‘pop’ she gets when her back usually ‘goes’. Since then she has been very sore and restricted, and almost bed bound because of the pain.

When Mary and I chatted about her history, she mentioned how she had a really bad ankle break about 13 years ago that took her a long time to recover from. When we looked at Mary’s movement and assessed her on the physio bed, we noticed how she wasn’t using her right leg very efficiently below the knee. As a result, with every movement she did she favoured her right hip and back which was putting a lot of stress on her lower back muscles.

On top of all this, Mary had just gotten back from a 2 week holiday in Florida which involved a lot of walking, lifting suitcases, and long haul flights.

When we pieced the whole picture together, it was easy to see how Mary’s body’s strategy that she was using to protect her old ankle injury was putting stress on her back, and the busy holiday caused some of these tissues to become fatigued and ‘grumpy’. Bending over to pick up the towel was simply the final straw and her body went into a painful spasm to protect her.

So for Mary, the true stressor was really her ankle and leg. The back was simply compensating for this. Treating the back might help short term, but unless we rehabilitate her lower leg it is likely the pain will return again.

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