The One Thing You Must Do To Get Rid Of Sciatica

Dave O’Sullivan | August 30, 2019

Get Rid Of Sciatica

It is really important that we find the correct stressor of why you are experiencing sciatica, this is because where the is pain may not always be the true cause of the problem. I have seen many cases of this. Very recently I had a lady called Alice come in to see me complaining of numbness in her pain in lower back, numbness in the R calf, arch of the foot, legs feeling heavy and stiff in the right knee.

Within my assessment I found that Alice wasn’t using the muscles at the back the legs (hamstrings and calves) efficiently on the right side. The lower back muscles were then having to work a lot harder because the hamstrings and calves were not working hard enough.

Because the muscles which surround the lower back were working too hard, this then was causing a lot of compression on the sciatic nerve. Therefore that is why Alice felt numbness into the lower leg.

The reason why some muscle work harder than others is used to our behaviour habits.
When we start to feel pain our muscles start to work in different ways to compensate for each other.

Making sure our muscles are all working together & equally very important when getting our patients out of pain and making sure the pain does not return.

If the symptoms do not improve within a week or two, visiting a physiotherapist would be very beneficial.

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