Amy’s First Week And Her Big Announcement…

Dave O’Sullivan | February 13, 2019

Hey everyone ?

I have just finished my first week here at ProSport Physiotherapy Huddersfield after having a very busy schedule which has been so amazing getting to meet all of the friendly clients we have at ProSport Physio Huddersfield.

It’s been great getting to know the whole team here and being greeted with such a warm welcome and lots of coffee…which I can see why the patients love it so much!

I thought I would give you a little insight to how my first week has been and what I’ve been up to ?

This week I have been continuing my development with The ‘Go-To’ Physio Mentorship with the amazing support of Dave, Shane, and Maria – I LOVE learning and that didn’t stop there at the weekend.

Saturday and Sunday I was over in Manchester completing my Pilates Course…

If you head to our facebook page here.

You’ll be able to see the big announcement that we made and the LATEST Pilates class which will be taking place at ProSport Physiotherapy Huddersfield.

Since I started last week, everyone has made me feel so welcome, I have met so many lovely clients and It’s been brilliant having a chat and a coffee getting to know everyone.

Having so many patients come to see me for either a 30, 45, or 60 minute sport massage has made my week completely fly…What’s even better?

They all booked onto our amazing massage packages and saved up to £150 – So amazing!

The amazing range of patients that have come to see me has kept me on my toes and it’s been so exciting…

From runners, to cyclists, those working all day at a computer, those wanting to have more energy when they’re looking after their grandkids so they can keep up and play games with them.

There are so many reasons why having a massage at ProSport Physiotherapy does wonders:

  • Have an understated night’s sleep without tossing and turning to get into the right position.
  • Stay injury free so you don’t have to take time out and rest
  • You wake up full of energy and without any aches and pains
  • Have a busy day looking after your grandkids, chasing around after them and doing the housework without feeling lethargic and stiff afterwards.
  • What I love about how ProSport work is we find the root cause of your problem and not just treat your symptoms which allows us to get you back to doing what you love the most in life.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to the team and clients at ProSport Physiotherapy for making me feel so welcome and your support this week.

I’ll keep you updated to what I get up to in the coming months, but if you want feel free to come up and chat ?


P.S. If you want to find out more about our massages package and how you can save up to £150 then give our lovely reception team a call on 01484 443173

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