The importance of finding the true stressor for your ‘Slipped Disc’

Dave O’Sullivan | November 15, 2019

The importance of finding the true stressor for your ‘Slipped Disc’

If you’ve got a slipped disc that’s causing a lot of pain, it’s extremely important that you assess the rest of your body to ensure it is functioning as well as possible. If your leg isn’t doing as much as it can to take load away from the back, for example, it can make the symptoms of a slipped disc much worse. This may be a result of an old injury. In the example below, June had a knee replacement 2 years ago. Since the knee replacement her body has been protecting the knee by doing more work around the hip and lower back, and over time this has put pressure on a disc herniation that was already there before the pain started, but only became irritated because the back was doing too much work – putting pressure on the disc injury. Once we treated June’s back and rehabbed her leg so that it was doing more to help out, her symptoms reduced to almost nothing and she got back lifting her grandkids and going for long walks pain free!

Slipped disc diagram explanation - slipped disk treatment Huddersfield

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