4 Secret Ways To Getting Rid Of Sciatica

Dave O’Sullivan | November 8, 2019

4 Secret Way To Getting Rid Of Sciatica

There are many ways to relieve the pressure off the sciatic nerve, through some simple exercises. My advice if you are complaining of sciatica type symptoms would be to make sure you don’t sit down for too long and to keep moving. Gentle exercise daily for example, walking and swimming. Have a warm bath which will relax and ease your muscles. When sleeping try and find a comfortable position this may be laying on your side.

Below are some exercises which will alleviate your sciatic symptoms:

Knees to chest – lying on your back bring both knees to towards your chest & give them a hug. 3 x 15 secs
Single to knee to chest – lying on your back, bring on knee towards your chest give it a hug. The leg still on the ground reach your leg further along on the floor, reaching toes away from you
Sciatica mobilisations stretch – lying on your back, bring one knee towards chest, holding the back of your upper leg with both hands. Slowly straighten the knees, toes towards the ceiling. 3 x 15 secs
Glute stretch – lying on your back, both knees bent flat on the ground. Lift one knee up to 90⁰, place that ankle on the opposite side. If you feel the stretch in your glute hold if there. If not, grab through the legs and pull the opposite hamstring through, the foot will come off the ground. 3 x 15secs

If you’re suffering from Sciatica then you this report. Download it by clicking the image below.

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