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Shane Mooney is head physiotherapist at Pro Sport Physiotherapy Huddersfield.

Growing up in Waterford, Ireland Shane was always a strong athlete, competing in both kickboxing and hurling to a high standard. At the age of 16, he realised a career in physiotherapy aligned with his love for sports, coaching, maximising performance, and injury management.

In 2013 Shane graduated from the University of Huddersfield with a first-class honours degree in physiotherapy.

After a brief stint at Huddersfield Giants, in the NHS and other private practices, Shane became our in-house head physiotherapist here at the ProSport physiotherapy practice. He leads our clinic of physiotherapists and a team of health professionals providing the best service, assessment, and treatment to people in pain in the Huddersfield and wider Yorkshire area.

Shane also coaches physiotherapists from Huddersfield and all over the world in the ProSport treatment approach at the Pro Sport Academy.

Shane Mooney Physiotherapist In Huddersfield

Shane Mooney – Pro Sport Head Physiotherapist Huddersfield

Shane Is A Back Pain Specialist Physiotherapist

Shane has a keen interest in back pain conditions and rehabilitation. He acts as the go-to back injury physiotherapist in Huddersfield and prides himself on providing solutions to all patients who have been failed by other physiotherapists and traditional approaches.

The main driving force behind his work is his want to provide an excellent physio service and his desire to help patients in Huddersfield and the Yorkshire region regain control over their bodies and get back the quality of life they deserve.

As well as an interest in back pain and sports injuries, Shane has extensive experience dealing with the most complex conditions the physiotherapy clinic has to offer. With incredible treatment success stories from knee pain to neck pain, pelvic girdle pain, and other sports injuries Shane has marked himself out as a world-class physiotherapist.

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Shane Mooney – Back Pain Physiotherapist Huddersfield

Shane Is A Member Of The Chartered Society Of Physiotherapy

Soon after leaving university and excelling in the NHS and Huddersfield private practice world, Shane met requirements and became a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy UK.

Through his membership as a chartered physiotherapy clinician, Shane has committed to upholding the core values of the CSP; offering the best experience to every person who walks through the Pro Sport door, protecting the quality of physical treatment, providing the best service and rehabilitation, and to address problems bought by all patients.

On a day-to-day basis, you’ll witness Shane upholding these values of excellence and teaching them to other physiotherapists at the ProSport physiotherapy sports injury clinic.

Teaching and Coaching

From early on in his career Shane has devoted his time to teaching the lessons he has learned throughout his work as a physiotherapist, coaching other physiotherapists in Huddersfield and all over the world.

Lecturing in person, online, and on the academy website ProSport Academy website, he shares his extensive knowledge on solving the puzzle of patient problems, pain relief, rehabilitation, dealing with a sports injury, treatment and manual manipulation, and physiotherapy assessment.

Shane also guides new physiotherapists and recent graduates on the business skills they need to found their own private practice and becoming the ‘Go-To’ Therapist .

Stacia Assessment by Shane Mooney physiotherapist in Huddersfield
Sports Injury Specialist Huddersfield

Pro Sport Huddersfield Physiotherapy Fun Facts

When he’s not in physio appointments or in the treatment room, Shane enjoys testing himself physically and mentally in ultra-endurance events. In 2017 he took part in the 430 mile Yukon Arctic Ultra – Shane battled a combination of the bitter arctic conditions and the physical limitations of the human body, going on to place 8th in the race!

Shane also continues to play sports to a high standard and is an active member of the Brothers Pearce GAA Gaelic Football team in Huddersfield.

No Need To Wait…

It can be hard choosing a physiotherapist you trust but if you have a problem and are in pain, you shouldn’t have to suffer.

Whether you’re in pain or dealing with a sports injury in the Huddersfield or wider Yorkshire region, don’t hesitate to get in touch and book your appointment with Shane.

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