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Dave O’Sullivan is the founder and clinical director of ProSport Physiotherapy in Huddersfield.

Dave is a graduate of the University of Huddersfield with a degree in Physiotherapy. Since completing his degree Dave has had an impressive range of professional sport and clinical experience including work as consultant rugby physiotherapist for England Rugby Union.

He acted as England Rugby League Physiotherapist for the 2017 Rugby League World Cup in Australia and went on to lend his expertise at the 2019 Rugby Union World Cup in Japan and the 2020 Six Nations. He has had the unique honour of being involved in a World Cup Final in Rugby League and Rugby Union.

Dave has also worked with Huddersfield Giants, Warrington Wolves and Hull F.C and mentoring their Head Physiotherapists alongside working with Professional Golfers and other top sporting professionals.

Dave set up Pro Sport Physiotherapy Practice with the aim of helping people in the Huddersfield and Yorkshire area get back to a pain-free life.

He mentors physiotherapists from the UK and all over the world giving them the confidence and clarity to help thousands of people in pain.

David O'Sullivan Huddersfield Physiotherapist
Dave O’Sullivan – Pro Sport Physiotherapy Huddersfield

Pro Sport Huddersfield Pain Relief Physiotherapist

Dave is an incredibly talented physiotherapist and his broad range of experience has made him the go-to pain relief physio in Huddersfield. Whether it is back pain, shoulder pain, pelvic girdle pain or a tricky sports injury he displays his commitment and service, helping every patient on their road to rehabilitation.

With a keen eye for finding the true cause of patient problems, Dave applies his expert physiotherapy assessment and treatment throughout his appointments, solving conditions, eliminating pain and ensuring these problems do not return.

Dave enjoys putting his physio skills to the test with the most complex cases, helping all patients see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Sports Injury Physiotherapist In Huddersfield

Amongst many other things Dave’s background in professional sports has made him an incredibly effective sports injuries physio.

At the Pro Sport Physiotherapy sports injury clinic Huddersfield, Dave uses his world-class approach to treatment and rehabilitation, getting patients back on their feet and playing the sports they love.

Dave’s Approach

As a young physiotherapist Dave quickly realised what he was taught at university wasn’t going to work for all patients and all conditions.

Inspired by this, Dave set about using his unique combination of experience to address the issues he saw. Over the following years he designed his own step-by-step system ensuring he could deal with any problem a patient bought.

The system gives confidence and clarity to both physiotherapists and patients. With this confidence and clarity Dave and the Pro Sport physios set goals, create treatment plans, put an end to limiting conditions and give every patient the best quality of life.

No matter who the patient is, there are no requirements, if they have been failed by other physiotherapists or traditional approaches. Dave’s mission is simple. To help anyone who walks through the Pro Sport Huddersfield clinic door.

David O'Sullivan Huddersfield Physiotherapist

Teaching & Coaching

Dave set up The ProSport Academy ‘Go-To’ Therapist Mentorship in 2015 to give therapists an opportunity to learn how to treat the cause and not just the patient’s symptoms.

He teaches his exact assessment, treatment and rehab progressions in the mentorship alongside in-depth clinical reasoning of understanding the WHY.

Dave has now mentored over 500 physiotherapists in Huddersfield, Ireland, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, U.SA and Canada. He also runs the Pro Sport Academy website and forum on which he reviews cases and provides assistance to physiotherapists all around the world.

Dave also spends his time coaching new graduates and academy members on the business elements of running their own clinic.

Dave is a Member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Soon after university Dave joined the highest ranking health professionals and was accepted as a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP).

As a chartered physiotherapy clinician Dave upholds the core values of the CSP and Pro Sport to provide the highest quality of treatment, service and the best experience to every patient.

Dave teaching hands on treament for Pain Relief -Physiotherapist in Huddersfield-
Dave O’Sullivan – Pro Sport Physiotherapy Huddersfield

Pro Sport Huddersfield Physiotherapist Fun Facts

Dave could have swapped the treatment room for the textbook.

In his early years he very nearly trained to be a school teacher instead of a physiotherapist. Ironically he now teaches therapists all over the world his physiotherapy approach.

Dave is a renound huddersfield physiotherapist – huddersfield physiotherapist

Dave O’Suillivan id the #1 best huddersfield physiotherapist in the West Yorkshire and Surrounding Lindley area

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