Why do I have Knee Arthritis

Dave O’Sullivan | September 29, 2019

Holding Achy Knee - Why do I have Knee Arthritis?

Knee Arthritis Cause

There is no one or specific cause for Arthritis but there are some risk factors that we do tend to see in people we see in the clinic who develop Osteoarthritis in particular.

Arthritis is more common as we age due to repetitive strain on the joints for example lifting, bending prolonged standing. I do tend to see Arthritis more frequently in people who have had repetitive strain through work for example builders or roofers tend to complain of having “dodgy knees” however I also see it in people who may have had a sedentary desk job for most of their lives and their symptoms and pain experience can be very different.

Weight can also influence our likelihood of developing Arthritis as we age due to the increased pressure placed on our joints.

Previous injury such as an ACL or meniscal injury has been shown in the research to be associated with the risk of developing Osteoarthritis later in life as the ability of the cartilage to repair itself slows down.

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