“Discover How To Recover Quickly And Safely From Your Sports Injury And Get Back To Your Sport (…But Stay Back) Using The Exact Same Techniques That Pro Sport Athletes Use On A Daily Basis”
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“Is Your Muscular Or Joint Injury Frustrating You, Affecting Your Performance, Causing You To Miss Out Or Reduce The Time Your Playing And Enjoying Your Sporting Activities And Maybe Even Beginning To Frustrate You?”

If you you’ve got an injury from playing sports or just from an activity that’s helping you keep fit and it doesn’t seem to be shifting, it’s easy to just accepts it, carry on with your life and think it’s something that just something that “happens when you’re training hard” or that you should start “going steady” because you’re getting older.

You might have the odd occasion when you go out and do your sports, you’re totally fine for a while but the moment you exert yourself the injury flares straight back up and you’re struggling to get back into the rhythm.

You try to keep going but the pain just seems to get worse and isn’t showing any sign of budging.

All you can think is “Why is this lasting so long?” “How long will it take before it gets right?”
“I’m sure I warmed up enough”.

We understand how frustrating this can be, affecting your mood, energy and the way you’re moving everyday.

We also understand that you’re not alone – we hear these type of injuries everyday at Pro Sport Physiotherapy.

“At Pro Sport Physio, We Have Seen Too Many People From Huddersfield Suffer With Hamstrings, Quads, Achilles, Knee Pain, Shoulder Injuries And Numerous Other Sports Injuries For Far Longer Than They Actually Needed To”

Have you had advice from your coach, team mates, family and friends all telling you to do the same things?

You trying to “run it off” or wear supports and other short term relief aids that will get you through your sports. But hours after when you’re resting, the injury really flares up and you’re struggling to move it.

You’re then stuck searching around for painkillers, inflammation tablets and ice in hope the swelling will go down.

This starts happening every week on repeat at training., your performance starts to go down and you’re not seeing the improvements you should be getting.

This all because those short term relief aid only focus on the site of the pain and continuing to train is only making it worse and putting more pressure and stress on your injury and not getting the the true cause…

…Which is the reason why your injury keeps flaring up.

“With Over 10+ Years Working With Professional Sports People Such As Rugby League Rugby Union, Football, Golf, Cricket, Tennis and Other Pro Athletes We Have Successfully Helped Some Of The Trickiest Sports Injuries For Pro Athletes, Amateurs And Your Weekend Warriors”

At Pro Sport Physiotherapy we have helped 100’s of sporting and non-sporting people get rid of their hamstring, quads, achilles, knee pain, shoulder injuries. We know that everyone and their story is unique, because of that we have treated so many back pain symptoms.
Muscle ache
Shooting or stabbing pain
Having to walk with a limp
Not being able to stand on both feet
Pain that worsens when, lifting, bending, walking, standing
Pain that improves when you’re applied ice
Swelling of an injury

“We Use A 7 Step System That’s Been Proven In Pro Sport Time And Time Again To Get Athletes Back Quickly And Safely And Ensure The Problem Does Not Return Again”

We use a unique 7 step method that has stood the test of time with the Huddersfield Giants, England Rugby League and World class golders such as Masters Champion, Danny Willett that strives to understand your story and design a movement plan that will be of true value to you in your everyday life, rather than just popping you on a machine and handing you generic exercises.

At Pro Sport Physiotherapy, we pride ourselves on getting the balance right between effective hands on treatment that eases your injury fast and offers you relief while also working on the true cause of the problem with a bespoke movement plan designed to ensure you go back to the things you love doing with thoughtless, fearless, movement. After your first session, most patients notice a significant improvement in their symptoms but more importantly, you understand the cause of the problem and gain the exact step by step plan to ensure that it does not return again while you do the things in your life that makes you smile.

“Learn How These People From Huddersfield & Surrounding Areas Got Back To Playing The Sports That They Enjoy Using The 7 Step Pro Sport Physio System”

“At Pro Sport Physiotherapy Our Guarantee To You Is That We Will Never Waste Your Time Or Money Keeping You Longer Than You Need To.”

We understand that you’ve probably tried physiotherapy in the NHS or even in another private practice and for whatever reason you didn’t get the results that you expected.

You’ve had countless massages, used supports, ice and rested up.

They help so take the pain away and the swelling down, BUT only for a short while and hours later when you try to move the pain comes back and your injury flares up.

Which is why we understand that you might be skeptical or frightened because you’ve been let down in the past by healthcare professionals and advice from others has dones what they said it would do.

“We Want To Be Able To Not Only Get Back To Your Sport But Thrive While Enjoying Being Active And Living Life To The Fullest With A Smile On Your Face”

We want to make sure you leave our clinic with a smile on your face and fully confident that you’re going to get rid of your injury and know how long it’s going to be until you can get back playing sport.

You’ll get back to the top of your game, thriving and beating your performance EVERY week with the confidence that you can really push yourself and your injury won’t return!

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