"Hit PB's, Run Longer Without Pain, Without Next Day Stiffness And Without Having To Take A Day Off If You Don't Want To With The 'Run Further For Longer' Runner's Toolkit"

I've Worked With Pro Athletes For 8 Years, Allowing Them To Train Hard And Stay Injury Free And Most Of What I Told Them Is Inside This 'Run Further For Longer' Toolkit...

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Here are some of the goodies inside the 'Run Further For Longer' Toolkit that I share with the pro athletes on a daily basis...

  • 4 Different Ways To Relieve Muscle Aches And Pains

    If you are just starting out and have taken up running to an experience marathon runner, you will at some point experience muscular aches and pains. Most runners will experience this at some point and unfortunately it can affect your progress and sticking to the training plan. NOT ANY MORE! We give you four different ways with step by step instructions for relieving these aches and pains quickly!

  • A Great Warm Up To Start Taking Time Off Your PB From The Very First Step

    At ProSport Physio, we don’t worry about trying to catch up with the clock in the last mile, we are finding ways to do this from the very first step. We have developed ways to help you utilise elastic energy better which gives you that ‘springy, light, fluid’ running style when things are going well! Very often the stresses of daily life can get in the way of you running consistently like this. NOT ANY MORE! We show you a quick and easy way to restore your spring!

  • Our 3 Secret Ways To Recover For Maximal Gains From Your Running

    Your biggest gains are made from your runs when you are actually NOT RUNNING! Seems counter-intuitive but its just how our bodies are designed. While you rest, your body recovers and rebuilds your tissues even stronger. We show you how to accelerate this process using our 3 secret ways to recover well between runs!

  • How To Train Your Core A Smarter Way

    One of the biggest wastes of time we see runners make is how they train their core to help their running. We have even been featured in Athletics Weekly and The Times on this topic! We should you a much smarter way to train your core, specifically deisgned to stimulate your core muscles as they need to work with the rest of the body every single step.  Train smarter not harder!

Some Of The Goodies Inside Your Runner's Toolkit

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Here Is A 'Sneak Peek' Behind The Scenes In The Runner's Toolkit...

As a British Triathlon Level 3 coach I want to recommend my clients to a team that really understands running injury and injury prevention. ProSport Physio have done a great job every time. Their knowledge of running function is second to none.

Dave Bradley, British Triathlon Level 3 Coach

Rachel Cullen Rachel Cullen , Stainland Lions

Pro Sport Physiotherapy solves injury problems at source. It doesn't stick plasters over them, and hope for the best. I have been running for many years now, and I've seen any number of physiotherapists & sports therapists. None have even come close to the knowledge, expertise and service given by Pro Sport. I would now - quite literally - accept no alternatives.

Alistaire MacGregor Alistaire MacGregor, Holmfirth Harriers

Wouldn't see anyone else. When I started with Dave I had chronic knee pain and couldn't run at all. After following Dave's advice  look forward to running my first marathon this weekend. Massive thanks

Keith Senior Keith Senior , Former International Rugby League Player, 4 Marathons In 4 Weeks

ProSport Physio helped me achieve my Luara Crane Trust 4 Marathons in 4 Weeeks Challenge with physiotherapy and sports massage throughout my training and racing. Having been treated by these guys through my playing career, I knew it was vital I have them in my corner for such a challenge.

Matt Pierson Matt Pierson, Stainland Lions

I've used ProSport Physiotherapy for the last 7 years. They understand how the body works, have great hands on treatment and can sort my niggles quickly. I recommend these guys to all runners whenever anyone is needing help.

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