We’re Looking To Help 15 Runners In Huddersfield Run Longer Without Pain, Without Next Day Stiffness So You Can Hit Your PB…

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Imagine if you could go out running every day without feeling achy or having to take a break from training? Well, you can… Click the button below if you want to:
Give your body a ‘Movement MOT’
Find out if you’re leaking energy with inefficiencies…
Find out how balanced your body is ready to hit those next PBs…
Limited Spaces Available
7 Spaces Left, Reserve Yours today

Here’s How We Make Your Transformation Process Easy:


To achieve long term pain relief so you can run free from pain. You will have a confidential chat with one of our therapists and let them know the pain you have been experiencing. They will help you piece together the clues to figure out what’s causing your running pain. If it’s your first time going to the physio, don’t worry! Our therapists will help you feel comfortable. Come 15 minutes early and our friendly receptionist, Sandra, will make you one of our famous coffees!


The hardest part of the puzzle is always figuring out the true cause of the problem. The running pain is the symptom, but what is causing the pain to keep coming back is the real problem. Our therapists have a tried and tested assessment process that we’ve been developing for over 10 years that helps you find the root cause. Don’t worry, we treat back pain every day, and we’ve seen it all.


It’s very common that people who have come to us with running pain have had treatment before, which helped at the time but the pain eventually came back. At our clinic, we want to be confident that the pain goes away and stays away. We will guide you and form a treatment plan that leads you back towards the end goals that are specific to you, and support you every step of the way.

Meet Your Expert Running Therapist

Sarah Whiteley

Dear Huddersfield Resident,

Have you ever asked yourself:

How can I run further for longer
How can I wake up without aching the next day
How can I run without my legs tightening up
How can I reach my next PB
Am I running in the most efficient way possible

If so, you’re in the right place…

Trying everything to run free from pain can be a lot of work, but using our unique 7 step system and therapists that have helped 100’s of people run further for longer without pain – it becomes much easier.

If you have tried EVERYTHING to run freely and would love to get back doing the things that give you the most happiness in life then Pro Sport Physiotherapy can help you.

You’ll never struggle with running again, be full of energy and enjoy the life you want to live.

“Our step by step system has been solely responsible for 100’s of Huddersfield residents just like you reaching their PB’s, completing Marathons and being the most confident that they have ever been in their lives.”

Pro Sport Physiotherapy is led by Dave O’Sullivan, The current England Rugby Union Physiotherapist, best selling author, and Mentor to 250+ therapists around the world.

Sarah is the ‘Running Screening’ Go-To Therapist that people see when they want to be able to run freely and without pain.

No matter what your age, health, or lifestyle is if you live in Huddersfield, Sarah will show you how to run freely, without pain and in the most efficient way possible so that you can achieve your running goals making sure that the pain doesn’t return

These People Living In Huddersfield Tried Various Physio’s, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Foam Rollers, And Pain Medication That Simply Didn’t World, That Is Until They Found Us!

Within a very short time, they transformed the balance in their bodies, discovered where they were leaking inefficiencies and now run with ease and pain-free….

But don’t just take out word for it, see what these local residents had to say:

Kevin Robison Ultra-Marathon Runner

“A week before the start of the Spine Challenger, a 115 miles race I had bad hip pain and it even hurt to walk. I came to ProSport Physio and after a session, they were able to relieve the pain. I was hoping to reach 50 miles without feeling any pain but Pro Sport Physiotherapy allowed me to complete the full race without any pain in just under 46 hours.”

Rachel Cullen Marathon Runner & Author Of ‘Running For My Life’

“Thanks to ProSport Physiotherapy I can do what I love to do! Run with ease, free from pain and in the best mechanical way possible.”


“After my running injury I tried countless physio’s, had many visits to the GP but none gave me a clear treatment plan and timeframe. When I came to ProSport Physio they gave me a bespoke treatment doing what I love, running pain-free!”

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