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  • Does Your Back Pain Take Your Breath Away At Times And Stop You In Your Tracks?

    We treat many people just like this on a daily basis. Very often this is a simple in-built protective mechanism from the body to prevent you from doing ‘actual’ damage or ‘further’ damage. We use a combination of hands on techniques, education and bespoke rehabilitation techniques to solve this problem quickly.

  • Is Your Back Pain Affecting Your Ability To Work Or Live A Normal Life?

    Many patients that we have helped report that this is a major concern for them when they come to see us. By finding the true origin of the problem (which very often is not even the back anyways) we can help give you back your confidence in your back, your ability to provide for your family and your ability to live a long and healthy life with thoughtless fearless movement.

  • Is Your Back Pain Waking You Up At Night Or There First Thing In The Morning?

    This is a common complaint we hear all the time from our people that come to see us with back pain. We show them quickly why this was happening and go about restoring their ability to get a refreshing, re-energising and much needed good nights sleep so they can wake fresh and ready to go without feeling pain on their first step getting out of bed.

  • Would You Like To Live A Normal Life Without Restrictions Or Worry

    While a definition for ‘normal’ is debatable, our patients want to live normal lives without worry about ‘paying for it later’ or moving with compensations and caution. We design programs for them that is specific to help them get back to their ultimate goals, be it long walks with their friends and family, lifting their kids or grandkids without fear or caution or back enjoying their hobbies or sports without a second thought of their back.

Surround Yourself In An Environment That Gives You No Choice But To Succeed!

At ProSport Physiotherapy, we have a belief that every person in Huddersfield and surrounding areas should have the opportunity to live and enjoy life pain free. This is why we set up the 'Rehab Room' to create a focused, friendly and supportive environment that allows you to achieve results. It is solely designed to help you get back to the most important things in your life without pain, suffering or pain killers. Join us today and surround yourself with likeminded supportive people.

During your time with ProSport Physiotherapy, you have FREE access to our 'Rehab Room' between sessions where you can come and continue to make progress between sessions and even get your exercises checked over by our Pro Sports Rehab Specialist, Pete.

What Is The ProSport Physiotherapy Experience?

"Hi Dave. Just want you to know that I had no pain last night at all. 🙂 That's the first time in twelve years !! Thank you is not enough."

Glynnis Newton, Birstall

Joanne Ross Joanne Ross , Former Chronic Back Pain Sufferer, Leeds

I'm loving this feeling of the happy healthy strong Joanne coming back  and that my pain no longer determine who I am I determine who I am . Friends and colleagues are saying how much better I look and seem far more confident in myself. This is through how your team  at prosports supported , encouraged and empowered me . What can I say , but thank you . I'm sure I will be sending more feedback.

Rob Rob , Former Chronic Back Pain

The first time I saw Dave with chronic back pain I was struggling to walk properly when I went in but I walked out more or less back to normal, and this is a normal result for Dave. The treatments are different to any I’ve experienced but my whole posture, long term injuries and problems continue to improve. Although some of the treatments are not pleasant the pain is well worth it for the results gained. If you need a physio go and see Dave and/or his colleagues.

Chris Needham Chris Needham, Former Chronic Back Pain

A 140-mile round trip to visit Dave is well worth it as he's restored my confidence to overcome injury, using techniques you will probably not encounter elsewhere. Dave's manner is excellent, taking time to explain things simply and being available to clarify concerns. Many exercises prescribed are provided by video link with is far superior to the dodgy photocopied exercise sheets traditionally supplied as they ensure you can review and perform your rehab using good technique. In my opinion the ProSport experience is years ahead of the game as it adopts the advances being made in its field whereas regular Yellow Pages clincs stick to dated methods. A big plus is that Dave is also interested in getting you right.

Ninds Reehal Ninds Reehal, Road Traffic Accident, Complex Multi-Injuries

A brilliant team with excellent skills!!

The team helped rehabilitate me after a horrific car accident.
There dedication and regular communication progressed my rehabilitation. My NHS consultants and physio's couldn't believe how quickly I was progressing!

Can not recommend them highly enough!

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