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Here Are Some Of The Top Questions & Concerns We Get Daily From Our Patients...

  • Why Is My Knee Pain Sharp At Times And Then A Toothache Like At Other Times Of The Day?

    We treat many people with this complaint on a daily basis. Very often this is a simple in-built protective mechanism from the body to prevent you from doing ‘actual’ damage or ‘further’ damage. We have a slow and a fast pain pathway so depending on the activity it may send a fast type of pain where as when your resting, the brain may choose to send a ‘slow pathway’ pain in the form of an ache. Although the sharper pain can become worrying, usually we find some good oul reassurance via our assessment, hands on treatment and some bespoke exercises for you can eliminate these sharp and achey pains very quickly and allow you not to give your knee a second thought while doing the things you enjoy in your life.

  • Why Is My Knee Pain Affecting My Ability To Enjoy A Normal Life?

    Many patients that we have helped report that this is a major concern for them when they come to see us. The knee pain is simply a message from the brain ‘to take action and change something’. Unfortunately most people don’t know where to look to take action. We have treated thousands of knee’s both in professional sport and private practice and so have a very good idea based on our assessments of where to start. By finding the true origin of the problem (which very often is not even the knee anyways) we can help give you back your confidence in your knee. This then allows you to get back living a productive life (even if you had your knee pain for many years) and be effective in work and take part in the things you enjoy in life.

  • Why Is My Knee Pain Now Starting To Affect Other Parts Of My Body?

    Ironically it is when our patient’s knee pain starts to affect other parts of their body such as the ‘other’ knee starts to hurt or their back gets ‘achey’ is when they usually get in touch with us. You see, there is an in-built mechanism in us designed to take pressure away from areas when our brain thinks there is a problem and this is usually when other areas can then become affected. It is an ‘ok’ strategy short term but long term these areas of the body can then get grumpy for doing extra work unbeknown to you. Some simple hands on treatment and finding your bespoke stressors to your body can quickly and easily relieve you of your knee pain and keep your other knee, back or ankle etc nice and happy for years to come.

  • I Am Worried About Now Developing Knee 'Osteoarthritis'?

    Many of your patients that we successfully help with knee pain even come in initially very concerned about their future health. Some have even been diagnosed with ‘osteoarthritis’. The first thing we will do after your assessment is re-assure you based on our findings. We then go about helping you change your symptoms very quickly and effectively using our expert hands on treatment and bespoke rehabilitation plans. From here we then show you how to gain ‘thoughtless, fearless movement’ using a very specific plan for your exact needs. The result is usually returning to your life without letting knee pain determine who you are.

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"Physio with ProSport Physio has not only helped me overcome chronic knee pain, but has also armed me with the knowledge to deal with it when I feel the first twinges of discomfort so I have the tools to prevent it from worsening. Dave really wants his clients to be 'cured' where possible rather than using a temporary fix so they are back again next week handing over more £££! Highly recommended."

Heather Crawshaw, Golcar


Gavin Dodd Gavin Dodd , Runner, Stainland Lions

Always top class service, Dave is a league above most physios I have seen previously, he tackles the cause of the problem effectively

Alistair MacGregor Alistair MacGregor, Former Chronic Knee Pain

Wouldn't see anyone else. When i started with Dave i had chronic knee pain and couldn't run at all. After following Dave's advice i look forward to running my first marathon this weekend. Massive thanks.

Lucy Lucy , Marathon Runner

Fantastic physios! Very methodical yet rapid diagnosis and effective treatment. I'm a runner - Dave and Darragh have helped me back from injury to running race PBs in record time. I particularly appreciate the video clips of rehab exercises and quick, helpful email contact and advice.

Pat Marshall Pat Marshall , Ex- Knee Pain Patient


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