How Can I Manage My Knee Arthritis?

Dave O’Sullivan | October 11, 2019

How Can I Manage My Knee Arthritis

Flare ups are a natural part of having Arthritis and I find when this happens our natural instinct is to rest and protect everything – but we know Arthritis doesn’t like rest! Movement helps promote synovial fluid and lubrication of our joints just like oiling a stiff door – if you just leave it it’s just going to get stiffer!!

As I discussed looking at the other structures the muscles etc and targeting any imbalances there can help to significantly reduce symptoms and improve daily tasks such as walking.
Exercises which help strengthen your core and hip muscles can take a lot of pressure of the work your knee has to do. Massage can help reduce pain and stretching exercises increase the range of movement available.

Cardio based exercises such as cycling , swimming or aqua aerobics can help you maintain your fitness if you find running is no longer an option. Keeping active will also help with weight management – if we reduce the weight on the joint we reduce the pain!!

Other things that can help with Arthritis is pain management and this is something I do suggest to my clients explore with their GP’s, anti-inflammatory medications short term can help reduce pain which gives you the perfect platform to exercise and strengthen so you can reduce the frequency and intensity of flare ups when they do occur keeping you happier and healthier.

If your Arthritis is particularly severe your Doctor or specialist may suggest a cortico-steroid injection to help with pain relief but again I also stress the importance of movement and exercise after this.

Ultimately Arthritis does not have to stop you doing the things you enjoy everyone is different and different exercises work for different people but I still have clients doing Marathons, hill-walking and playing tennis even with their “dodgy knees”

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