Please Watch This Short Video Before Your Appointment…

Here Is What Will Happen In Your Physio Assessment…

Understand the Why Behind Everything You Do

We will ask you some specific questions that will piece the clues together to find the true cause of your problem and ask you to perform some simple movements that are important for you to be able to do throughout your day.

Design World Class Treatment Plans

We will explain clearly the problem and the exact steps you need to get back to feeling like ‘you’ again. We’ll also give you an honest opinion of how many sessions it will take so you don’t have to keep coming back again with the same problem.

Progress Or Regress A Patient At The Right Time Without Relying On Hands-On Treatment

You can ask to become a patient of ProSport Physio and receive expert help in getting back to feeling like ‘you’ again in the quickest possible time or you can take the plan and implement it yourself.

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Hey Dave O’Sullivan here, owner of ProSport Physio…   

In 2012 while working with Munster Rugby in Ireland I had to retire two international rugby players that I wasn’t able to help. I made the decision there and then to ensure this wouldn’t happen again on my watch and that people wouldn’t have to suffer needlessly. 

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I invested thousands of hours and pounds researching how the human body really works in order to ensure that I can treat the cause of the problem once and for all and not just treat the symptoms. I have now trained over 850 therapists in 30 countries around the world in the ProSport Approach.

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The ProSport Physio approach is trusted by both England Rugby Union and England Rugby League and all our therapists are trained in this approach to ensure you can protect your health and live a long, happy, healthy life.

Here Is How The Unique Pro Sport Approach Works…

Understand the Why Behind Everything You Do

Step 1

We listen to your story and piece the clues together to find the true cause of your problems.

Design World Class Treatment Plans

Step 2

We then solve the problem at source so you can finally get long lasting relief

Progress Or Regress A Patient At The Right Time Without Relying On Hands-On Treatment

Step 3

We will empower you to live a happy healthy life full of confidence and hope for the future. 

Here is what you should expect from my team over the coming weeks…

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We will tell you the problem and the solution and give you a realistic timeframe of how many sessions your problem will take to solve once and for all so you can enjoy your life to the full. We are not interested in putting a band aid over your symptoms and won’t tell you what you want to hear yet rather what you need to hear so you can get long lasting relief.

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Save You Time

We understand you are busy and will not keep you for longer than is necessary to make progress in each session. We will keep your sessions short and sharp and keep you progressing in each session ensuring your rehabilitation program fits around your lifestyle. You will receive your rehabilitation exercise video links straight after your session. If you do not receive them please email and we will sort it for you.

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Save You Money

We will treat the source of your problem rather than just give you short term pain relief to ensure you don’t have to keep coming back with the same problem. Remember pain free is not the only indicator that it is safe for you to return to specific activities. This may mean you need another session or two when the pain eases yet rest assured it is with your best interests in mind to save you time and money in the long run.

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Make You So Happy You’ll Actively Tell Your Friends & Family About Us!

We have built our clinic on word of mouth referrals, and we expect our clients to be so happy with their results that they tell their friends and family about us so they too do not need to suffer needlessly.

You Are Protected By Our 3 Session 100% Money Back Guarantee

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If after 3 sessions, you do not notice significant progress, you are entitled to a full refund. This ensures you have complete peace of mind that we can help you get the long lasting relief you deserve.

Next Steps And What We Need From You Next So You Can Get The Most From Your Sessions With ProSport Physio…

You will receive a separate email shortly with your pre-assessment form 

So you can get the most value from your session, please fill in this pre-assessment form prior to arrival. This will ensure you don’t forget to tell us some important information in your appointment which may be vital to finding the true cause of your problem. 

Take your time and ask family members if needed so we can get really clear on your story and also what your definition of success is from your visit to ProSport Physiotherapy. 

I’ve also included some more useful information such as directions to our clinic and some FAQ. 

Once again, thank you for choosing ProSport Physio to help you get back to living a happy healthy life, you have made a smart decision! 

We look forward to welcoming you to the clinic shortly.

Once You Arrive, Here Is Where To Find Us And What To Expect In Your First Session…

Next Steps And What We Need From You Next So You Can Get The Most From Your Sessions With ProSport Physio…

What Should I Wear?

You should wear some clothes that are loose fitting and easy to move in. If your problem is from the hip down, a pair of shorts would be ideal. If you have a shoulder problem, a sports top or vest would be ideal so that your therapist can see the shoulder joint. If you don’t own any shorts don’t worry, we always keep a couple of spares in the clinic!

What to Expect When I Arrive

When you arrive you will be greeted by whoever is on the desk (usually Marcus, Sandra or Kirsty) and offered a drink. We recommend our famous coffee! Please arrive 10 minutes early so that we can get any details needed and you can enjoy your drink before your allocated session time.

How Will I Feel After My Session?

Usually you will feel absolutely fine, and have better tools to manage your pain from the get go! Occasionally you may feel a little sore for a few days after your session, particularly if you’ve worked muscles that haven’t been worked for a while or if you needed a lot of hands on treatment in the first session. If that’s the case, please continue with your exercises and it will settle down within 48 hours. On a rare occasion, depending on the treatment you needed, you may have slight bruising. If that’s the case please don’t panic – it’s just your body’s response to some of the hands on treatment and will disappear within a few days.

How To Get To ProSport
  • Walk into the Salendine Nook Shopping Centre from the Car Park
  • When you walk through the automatic doors take a straight right, up the stairs.
  • Walk up the the stairs to through the first door, then take another right through the reception doors. There you will see Marcus, Sandra or Kirsty ready to make you a nice drink.
Call Us: 01484 443173
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