When Is The Best Time To Do My Exercises?


  A question we get asked regularly in clinic is ‘When is the best time to do my exercises?’ Firstly, let me explain the purpose of the exercises you are given at Pro Sport Physiotherapy.   When you suffer an injury or are in pain you will start to move using compensatory moving patterns. Think…

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Knee Pain Whilst Squatting?


  Knee Pain is an all too often occurrence in many gyms. So today we’re looking directly into knee pain when squatting. We are looking at squatting, in particular as you do it hundreds of times a day regardless if you ever step inside a gym. Every time you sit down you are squatting. But…

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The Runners Series #3- Do You Need To Change Your Warm Up?

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 13.15.05

  Having a good warm up can bring many benefits to your running. By putting time and effort into putting together a solid warm up you can;   Let me guess what your warm up consists of, a few stretches that involve you bending over and touching your toes?   Do you feel like you…

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Do You Just Treat Sporting Injuries?


    “Do you just treat sporting injuries?” The most common question we get asked here at ProSport Physiotherapy without a doubt is ‘do you just treat sporting injuries?” This question is asked by both current clients and people enquiring about treatment. The answer is no. Although we are called ProSPORT Physiotherapy we do treat…

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The Runners Series #2 – The Most Important Component to your Training

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Recovery is of vital importance when following any training programme, especially when training for a competition. The main purpose of training towards an event is to prepare your body for it and get yourself fitter. However, training can take it toll on your body leaving you feeling burnt out and tired, sometimes it can seem…

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Two Simple Tips To Stop Back Pain After Deadlifting


When speaking to people in the gym one question I hear constantly is ‘Why Does My Back Tighten After Deadlifting’. When we decide to add deadlifting into our gym routine we want to strengthen our leg and back muscles, whether that’s for performance, day to day life or simply to make us feel good. So,…

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The Runners Series #1 – How To Get Rid Of Your Ankle Pain When Running


  Running is supposed to be an enjoyable hobby, yet running causes many people discomfort or problems. So here at ProSport Physiotherapy #wecare, Therefore we aim to make everything you do enjoyable and pain free. that is why I am going to tell you one of our secrets we use to help manage ankle pain whilst…

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Do I Need To See A Chiropractor, Osteopath Or Physio For My Back Or Neck Pain?


Do I Need To See A Chiropractor, Osteopath Or Physio For My Back Or Neck Pain   In today’s short blog post, I will answer the question I get asked numerous times a month: Do I Need To See A Chiropractor, Osteopath Or Physio For My Back Or Neck Pain?   In 90 seconds, I…

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3 Tips To A Successful Race

Running Background Centred

At ProSport Physiotherapy, our secret tip that we give to all runners to is to complete a race successfully is to have a well organised training plan. Having a training plan isn’t just about knowing how many miles you are going to run a day… Or how many days a week you are going to…

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