The Secrets You NEED To Know About Your Pelvic Floor That Your GP And Midwife Didn’t Mention So You Can Get Back To Feeling Like You Again

Do You Want To...

Feel stable when lifting your kids..

Have the confidence to go out running knowing you won’t leak…

Go longer between bathroom breaks at work and be in FULL control even when you need it a little…

Laugh, sneeze and cough worry free and without having to leave social environments…

...Basically, do you want a life without worrying about leaking or feeling unstable with your Pelvic Floor?

Then registering your interest for our Pelvic Floor Workshop could be the most important thing you do for your HEALTH and HAPPINESS this year!

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(we can only offer 10 spaces per workshop, so only fill this in if you really want the solution to help with your pelvic floor dysfunction)

Here’s EVERYTHING You Will Get When You Attend The Workshop

  • 1 hour session open to 10 people maximum with Physiotherapist and Qualified Pilates Instructor
  • Full education on your Pelvic Floor muscles and how they integrate with the entire system for optimal function
  • Learn the importance of Breathing, mindfulness and Pelvic Floor health
  • Learn why Kegel exercises alone aren’t enough to strengthen your pelvic floor and why they may not have worked for you in the past
  • Gain an insight into the ProSport Physiotherapy rehab approach to optimal Pelvic Floor health and how we can help you achieve your goals
  • Find out why it’s not too late to strengthen your Pelvic Floor
  • Enjoy a 30 minute beginners introductory session of Pilates exercises
  • Exactly how you can take back full control of your Pelvic Floor and start feeling like YOU again
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We ask for a very small payment of just £5 for the hour long workshop, this is because we have such a limited number of those that can attend and so we want to make sure that those who really want to make a difference attend the Workshop.