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  • Post Operative Rehab Plans

    Had surgery and not been given a rehab plan? Let the ProSport Physiotherapy team design a rehab program fit for a professional athlete to help get you to where you want to be in record time.

  • A Positive Environment To Help You Achieve Your Goals

    In current active treatment with ProSport Physiotherapy? Then you can access the rehab room at no charge during your treatment plan to ensure you have our support, guidance and an environment to thrive in to get you back to doing the important things in your life pain free and in record time!

  • Keeping Fit While Injured?

    Book a session on our Watt Bike to ensure you maintain your fitness while recovering from injury. Our Watt bike programs ensures you maintain your level of fitness while also providing you with an environment to do your rehabilitation program straight after for ultimate effectiveness during your injury.

  • One To One Personalised Rehab Session

    Get one to one support and guidance from our rehabilitation specialist team. All ProSport Physiotherapy staff members have worked with professional athletes day in day out and you now have the opportunity to work with them also to ensure you recover in record time.

Surround Yourself In An Environment That Gives You No Choice But To Succeed!

At ProSport Physiotherapy, we have a belief that every person in Huddersfield and surrounding areas should have the opportunity to live and enjoy life pain free. This is why we set up the Rehab Room to create a focused, friendly and supportive environment that allows you to achieve results. It is solely designed to help you get back to the most important things in your life without pain, suffering or pain killers. Join us today and surround yourself with likeminded supportive people.

"The best thing since sliced bread..."
-Martin Thornton, Estate Agent