What Was Your Initial Motivation To Start Running?
“Initially it was on the back of a very unhealthy relationship with myself and coming out of an equally dysfunctional relationship when I was very young, aged 18 and it was my way of trying to get some self-esteem and basic levels of fitness and my way I eliminated many different options and I thought I would try running and see where that goes.”
Had You Done Much Running Before?
“I was very unfit being a teenager and coming into young adulthood
I remember not being able to run for 10 mins on a treadmill at the age of 16 used to go to local sports centre   and I remember I literally couldn’t jog at a steady pace and at that time I was probably a good 3 n half stone overweight I wasn’t active and it was making me miserable. that was the backdrop to me finding some level fitness.”
What Obstacles Did You Face Along Your Journey?
“Various over the year been a long journey I have been on initially it was the usual pain barrier of learning to run and your body adapting to the new demands on it.  At first, I had to jog-walk and after a few years I could run more consistently and it took me many years may be a good 10-15 years to get to a level of good fitness but the pain was from injuries a little bit of overtraining and some other stuff that I have received Physio treatment for.”
What Did You Want To Achieve With Your Physiotherapy Treatment Plan?
“To free my body up, to be able to do what it loves to do. I love to run and I want to be able to do that with the easiest most efficient Physio mechanical way possible and I think for Dave and his team to help me to be able to do that.
That’s my go to be able to run freely easily and pain-free and to eliminate any kind of mental pressure on my self as well to make the whole experience flow so I am working with my body and not against it.”
How Has Physiotherapy Helped You Reach Your Running Goals?
“I have had a few in terms of running goals. I have achieved some good times I am very happy with and proud of I have qualified for the Boston Marathon and I am running that this year.  I am happy with my Marathon personal best running time I got that at the end of 2014. I got the time of 3.16 and London marathon 3.17 the year after but I think more so than that I think Dave and his team have enabled to continue on the journey and stay mentally n physically well throughout the ups and downs.”
How Is Your Training Going For The Boston Marathon?
“It’s going really quite well, last year I had a horrible period of overtraining and an injury and that Dave and his team at ProSport physiotherapy are very aware of.
Since that time I am in a much better place and my training is going well, I’m running again, I’m racing again and I’m happy to be in the flow again as it were touch wood, it’s going well.”
Do You Have Any Races On Your Bucket List For The Future?
“Yeh, loads! I have a dream list of races I would like to do still. The comrades Marathon an ultra marathon is on there I turn 40 this year so for me, there are loads to go at yet. Boston is a biggie because obviously for any Marathon runner it’s a qualifying only entry and I am looking forward to doing that so there are loads more on my to-do list.”
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