As Christmas approaches, those of you who have committed to running a marathon in Spring 2018 will be starting to think about your training in the new year. Whether you’ve been lucky enough to get into the London or Boston Marathon or signed up for one of the many other great marathons such as Manchester, Paris, or Rome, we have put together the ProSport Physiotherapy Clinic Marathon Package to support you every step of the way throughout your training!


What is the ProSport Physiotherapy Marathon Package?


The ProSport Physiotherapy Marathon Package has been put together to provide you with as much support as you desire to give you the best shot of achieving your goal – whether that is a specific time, getting over the finish line, or finishing the marathon to support a charitable cause.


We know how hard you need to train, and the marathon package is designed to give you the best chance at completing all of your long runs successfully by dealing with any niggles, aches, and pains, and giving you reassurance and guidance in terms of stretches, training loads, and bespoke warm ups and cool downs as needed.


What is included?


The marathon package revolves around regular sports therapy sessions to ease your aching muscles and aid your recovery. In these sessions, our sports therapist will recognise any inefficiencies in your movement and help you correct them to avoid injury. If you do suffer any niggles, our sports therapist will be able to deal with these straight away to help avoid them becoming long-term issues throughout your training.


Depending on the level of support you desire we have a few different options, if you are interested in finding out more, click on the link below and register your interest:

ProSport Physiotherapy 2018 Marathon Package 


It’s the 4th time we’ve run the marathon package. As we have now helped hundred’s of Runner’s get to the start line and finish their Marathon with a PB.

The packages get more and more popular each year and get snatched up fast. Register your interest today to secure your place with one of our Packages today! 

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