The Secrets Of Living With Less Hip Pain

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Here Are The Four Common Questions We Get Asked About Hip Pain On A Daily Basis

  • Why Is My Hip Pain Sharp At Times And Take My Breath Away And Other Times Just Aches At Rest?

    We treat many people with this complaint on a daily basis. Very often this is a simple in-built protective mechanism from the body to prevent you from doing ‘actual’ damage or ‘further’ damage. We have a slow and a fast pain pathway to the brain so depending on the activity it may send a fast type of pain where as when your resting, the brain may choose to send a ‘slow pathway’ pain in the form of an ache. Although the sharper pain can become worrying, usually we find some good oul reassurance via our assessment, hands on treatment and some bespoke exercises for you can eliminate these sharp and achey pains very quickly and allow you not to give your hip a second thought while doing the things you enjoy in your life.

  • Why Is My Hip Pain Affecting My Ability To Enjoy A Normal Life?

    Many patients that we have helped report that this is a major concern for them when they come to see us. The hip pain is simply a message from the brain ‘to take action and change something’. Unfortunately most people don’t know where to look to take action. We have treated hundreds of hip’s both in professional sport and private practice and so have a very good idea based on our assessments of where to start. By finding the true origin of the problem (which very often is not even the hip anyways) we can help give you back your confidence in your hip. This then allows you to get back living a productive life (even if you had your hip pain for many years) and be effective in work and take part in the things you enjoy in life.

  • Why Is My Hip Pain Now Starting To Affect Other Parts Of My Body??

    Ironically it is when our patient’s hip pain starts to affect other parts of their body such as the ‘other’ hip or even same side knee starts to hurt or their back gets ‘achey’ is when they usually get in touch with us. You see, there is an in-built mechanism in us designed to take pressure away from areas when our brain thinks there is a problem and this is usually when other areas can then become affected. It is an ‘ok’ strategy short term but long term these areas of the body can then get grumpy for doing extra work unbeknown to you. Some simple hands on treatment and finding your bespoke stressors to your body can quickly and easily relieve you of your hip pain and keep your other hip or same side knee, back or ankle etc nice and happy for years to come.

  • I Am Worried About Now Developing Hip 'Osteoarthritis' Or Needing A Hip Replacement?

    Many of your patients that we successfully help with hip pain even come in initially very concerned about their future health. Some have even been diagnosed with ‘osteoarthritis’. Some even have scan reports that show ‘wear and tear’ and was told they may need a hip replacement. The first thing we will do after your assessment is re-assure you based on our findings. We then go about helping you change your symptoms very quickly and effectively using our expert hands on treatment and bespoke rehabilitation plans. From here we then show you how to gain ‘thoughtless, fearless movement’ using a very specific plan for your exact needs.  Many patients just like you go on for years living pain free. The result is usually returning to your life without letting hip pain determine who you are.

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"Hi Dave. Just want you to know that I had no pain last night at all. 🙂 That's the first time in twelve years !! Thank you is not enough."

Glynnis Newton, Birstall

Luke Robinson Luke Robinson, Professional Rugby League Player, Huddersfield and England

The ProSport Physiotherapy team worked wonders in helping me play with an ongoing hip problem I had for years. Working with the ProSport Physiotherapy team ensured that I was able to enjoy three full seasons without any major issues, train on a daily basis and play on a weekly basis. If I ever did have any niggles, they were able to sort these out quickly and effectively for me.

M Spate M Spate, Ex- Sciatic Nerve Pain Patient

I'd been struggling for the best part of a year with what I (and my old physio) thought was a damaged hamstring. I'd heard about Pro Sport and read about ART and thought I'd nothing to lose by trying a new approach. Thank goodness I did.....
Darragh Sheehy correctly identified I actually had a partially trapped Sciatic nerve and set about "releasing" it.... That's another way of saying pain.....but it really is "no pain, no gain".
After one session I left feeling considerably better. I ran at the weekend with a huge grin on my face......I was thinking "I'm back!"
A few sessions later and following Darragh's exercise regime I'd improved again and within a few months had a new 5k PB.

Chris Needham Chris Needham, Former Chronic Back And Hip Pain

A 140-mile round trip to visit Dave is well worth it as he's restored my confidence to overcome injury, using techniques you will probably not encounter elsewhere. Dave's manner is excellent, taking time to explain things simply and being available to clarify concerns. Many exercises prescribed are provided by video link with is far superior to the dodgy photocopied exercise sheets traditionally supplied as they ensure you can review and perform your rehab using good technique. In my opinion the ProSport experience is years ahead of the game as it adopts the advances being made in its field whereas regular Yellow Pages clincs stick to dated methods. A big plus is that Dave is also interested in getting you right.

Keeley Hutton Keeley Hutton, Ex- Hip Pain Patient

Pro Sport Physiotherapy are amazing! I was having trouble with my hip whilst running over a certain distance. Shane worked out within 15 minutes that a tiny set of muscles near scar tissue was preventing my glute and core from firing. I worked on my exercises for a week and returned to my next appointment to find I was cured. A couple of sessions followed to ease my aching muscles now they were working and I am now fully fit to run my first ever half marathon this autumn. I have recommended the company to anyone who will listen. They are professional, knowledgable, fast workers and friendly. 5 star service with a smile 🙂

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