"If You Want To Breathe Easier, Move Better And Rid Yourself Of Tension, Aches & Pains Then We Have The Solution For You"

The 4 Things That You Will Experience With Gravity...

  1. Breathe Slowly And Calmly To See Your Mind Clear

  2. Move Easier And Free Like Your 10 Pounds Lighter

  3. Feel Your Muscles Surrender That Unwanted Long Standing Tension In Your Body

  4. Hear Your Heart Beat Slowing Down To Harmonise With The Rest Of Your Body For Ultimate Serenity

Learn More About The Amazing New Service Helping The People Of Huddersfield Rid Themselves Of Pills & Medication...

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  • Do You Live Each Day With A Voice In Your Head That Won't Quieten When You Want Or Need It To?

    Allow yourself permission to relax and quieten your mind for just 30 minutes a day to experience the amazing benefits that this will bring to your life.

  • Does Your Heart Beat Faster Than You Want It To?

    Allow yourself to restore control and synchrony of your body and breath for optimal recovery, sleep and performance.

  • Are You Able To Sleep Easily And Wake Feeling Refreshed And Ready To Go?

    Empower your body and mind to allow yourself recover, heal and rebuild the natural resources you have to use each day.

  • Do You Get That 3pm Slump And Lack Focus And Clarity?

    Allow your mind to quieten for optimal productivity, clarity and focus throughout your working day for improved performance.

What Is Gravity Huddersfield?

Gravity Huddersfield helps you to breathe more slowly, move more freely and rid yourself of pain faster to take your satisfaction, enjoyment and fulfilment of life to a level that you may have forgotten even existed! It does this by allowing you to tap into your 'rest and digest' system and finally let go of unwanted tension, aches and pains to enjoy life as it is mean't to be enjoyed. Give yourself permission to 'relax' 're-nergise' and 'restore' your body and mind in just 30 minutes.


What Have People Said About Gravity Huddersfield?

"Breathe Easier, Move Better, Heal faster..."
-ProSport Physiotherapy

Kathryn Kathryn, Salendine Nook

Relaxing! Gave me a greater awareness of my breathing, especially when I am busy in day to day life.

Andrew Andrew, Outlane

Relaxing! Great to have an opportunity to just concentrate on your breathing and get out of that 'fight or flight' and just switch off.

Rob Rob, Leeds

An alternative way to get physical relaxation. Simple and relaxing.

Chris Chris, Marsh

Was great, could really feel my ribcage start to move better as the tension went. I could also feel the difference in my breathing towards the end and the days after.