At ProSport Physiotherapy Huddersfield we are BIG on breathing and the many benefits of nasal breathing.


Nasal breathing has many benefits such as;

Giving you more energy, increasing concentration, uplifting your mood and giving you better general health by filtering germs and bacteria which can prevent potential illness.


If you would like to know more about nasal breathing and how it compares to mouth breathing click HERE  to view our blog post:

Nasal Vs Mouth Breathing


When doing any challenging physical activity it is almost impossible to breathe through your nose, this is absolutely fine.


So when is it suitable to breathe in through your nose when running?


When, or if, you do a recovery run it is very important to breathe through your nose.


This can be very challenging and you will realise how slow you will have to go to able to do this.


When you breathe in through your nose your diaphragm is working efficiently and your heart rate is slower, this makes sure that you are actually aiding recovery!


Give this tip a try on your next recovery run and let us know how you get on!


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