Client Stories #2

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Mary’s Story


Knee pain is one of the most common types of pain around. Whether you experience a dull ache as soon as you step out of bed in the morning, a sharp shooting pain whilst running or pain whilst kneeling.


Mary, 52, came into our clinic complaining of knee pain she has had for the past 2 years! Now Mary is struggling to kneel and cannot do the simplist of tasks such as cleaning without going out of her way to help ease her pain such as carrying a cushion around her house to kneel on.


Mary is a proud house owner and loves to clean! She also loves to have friends and family over and often gets compliments about how clean and sparkly her house is!


Since her knees have been getting progressively worse she felt her housework was getting on top of her.


She decided enough was enough and decided to pop into our clinic to see if we could do anything to help her.


Mary had a chat with one of physiotherapists and after realising that this was not as uncommon as she first thought Mary booked in for the following week.


We gave Mary our Knee Pain Cheat Sheet which includes 5 tips to help your ease your knee pain.


Following hands on treatment and rehabilitation exercises specific to Mary she overcame her knee pain and is back to cleaning her house pain free!


Mary has also taken up walking. She complained that she never felt confident to take her dogs on a walk with her Husband due to fear that her knees will ache too much after. Below is a picture Mary has took and kindly sent in to us whilst on one of her walks.




If you are like Mary and feel that your knee pain is restricting you then click the link below to book a free discovery visit to talk to one of our physiotherapists.