The first thing that a lot of us do when we’re in pain is taking painkillers. They are a very useful tool that can give us much needed relief.


But when they don’t touch the pain, it can be worrying. It leads us to think that something serious is wrong.


At ProSport Physiotherapy Clinic Huddersfield we are fully aware that pain is very complex. It’s our bodies warning signal when something is potentially in danger. In cases of back pain, it’s usually because we are putting too much stress on our lower back.


Painkillers can help dampen the pain, but they don’t treat the problem which is what’s causing that pain in the first place.


If your back is working really hard, your body and brain (which just want to protect us) are going to ensure that you feel pain. It’s unpleasant but protective.


So if you’ve been taking painkillers that haven’t been helping, ask yourself – have you looked into the underlying problem that’s causing that back pain in the first place?


If you did, would you have more success if you treated that instead of just taking painkillers?

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