Ready To Have That Structured Step By Step System In Place To Get Great Long Lasting Results And The Ability To Do The Things In Life That Bring You The Most Happiness And Freedom?



We Feel So Passionately About What We Do And Helping People Just Like You On A Daily Basis, We Want To Show You The ProSport Physiotherapy Way:

What Is A Discovery Visit?

A Discovery Session isn't for everyone, but for those that want a shot at living pain-free but are still "skeptical" or "unsure" whether Physio is right for them. Maybe they have tried Physio before and not got the results they were hoping for.

Or maybe, they have been told the pain "comes with age" and to just "accept it". We offer 4 exclusive Discovery Session every month if you feel you might be the right fit and you want to give yourself a shot at living pain-free, having the confidence and freedom to get back to doing the things you most enjoy in life.


  • Have the option to walk out at the end of my first 30 minutes without paying the consultation fee if I don’t think Physio was the right decision for me to have made.
  • Sample, test and taste having just about ‘everything done for me’ by an expert Physio, knowing I’m NOT committed to paying unless I’m 100% convinced that their expertise will help me as I hope.
  • Be the one who decides whether or not I’ll need to get my wallet or purse out at the end of the first 30 minute visit, as I know that I will have the final decision and only have to pay the initial consultation fee if I agree with my Physio that he or she will be able to help me moving forward.



For obvious reasons the 'Discovery Visits' are limited to the people that we feel would be the right fit and actually want the shot at living pain free. To see if you are a good fit, please apply by filling out the form below. 

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