Managing Flare Ups

Sometimes we are all guilty of, Overdoing It.  This can be as a result of beginning an activity our body is not used to for instance, or sometimes it can be as a result of Rushing Around trying to do Too Much All At Once.


This can often Result in an Increase Or ‘’Flare Up’’ of the symptoms of Osteoarthritis.  A “Flare up” is often as a result of Irritation if the joint but it is not necessarily a sign that the condition is worsening or that any damage has been done.  


When this happens it’s important to consider that this increase in pain is only temporary and it will settle.  


Don’t Forget, even if there is some minor Irritation to the joint, the body has the ability to heal, and unlike my ford fiesta! We don’t need to scrap your old knee, hip or back for a new one when it has a little bit of rust around the arches.  


Here are some things you can do to manage any increase in symptoms


1. Modify your activity levels – increasing your activity levels when you have a flare up is a bad idea but doing absolutely nothing is a worse idea.

Make sure you keep painful joints moving ! Perhaps reduce your overall activity level temporarily until your symptoms settle and then build them back up again.


 2. Use Ice/Heat to help with pain – Ice is a good idea if a joint is swollen or hot.  Heat can be nice for muscles around the joint that have gone into spasm.


3. Don’t be afraid to do some gentle stretches or lighter activities that are usually very easy for you to keep your body moving and your joints from stiffening up.


4. Carry out some breathing exercises in order to help relax you and reduce your pain.


5. Book in to see a Physio at Pro Sport Physiotherapy if you keep having recurring flare ups.  



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