Pain In Osteoarthritis


In the past we have seen many people who have been advised by other medical professionals that they have arthritic changes on their scan and they would likely always be in Pain because of this.


Changes in Joint Structure are only one ingredient in the makeup of Pain.


Pain is an Emotion created in the brain in order to Protect Us.

It is a useful tool and keeps us Safe From Harm.


But sometimes pain can go on for longer than we need it to.


Pain is made up of Physical, Emotional, Cognitive and Lifestyle factors and not simply a result of tissue damage.


Being in Discomfort For A Long Time due to a condition such as Osteoarthritis will do a number of things.

It will make some muscle groups work less and cause others to overwork.

Discomfort may also result in muscles going into Spasm or Stiffening Up.

This will often make it feel worse.


Rather than throw a myriad of stretches and strengthening activities at you without understanding why you are feeling discomfort,

at ProSport Physiotherapy we understand that no 2 people are the same just as no 2 hips knees or backs are the same.


We can help you address the physical aspects relating to your pain by assessing your situation.

Also we help you understand some of the other emotional, cognitive and social factors that may be contributing.


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