We all know how frustrating and upsetting knee pain can be.


At ProSport Physiotherapy Clinic Huddersfield, a lot of our patients come and tell us that their Knee Pain is stopping them from playing with their your children/grandchildren, taking part in sports or even keeping them up at night leaving them tired the next day!


Most people with knee pain don’t know what they have done to bring on this pain and think that their knee pain is something that comes with old age. 


The truth is, there will be a reason why you are experiencing pain in your knee! At ProSport Physiotherapy Huddersfield we find the true source of your problem rather than treating the symptoms.


With that being said, often people get impatient and will try anything to get some short-term relief.


Have a look at the 3 most common short-term relief strategies that will not help you in the long run and only mask the problem.


1. Popping The Pills


Whether you have rolled your ankle, banged your knee or hurt your back, one of the most common phrases you hear from your friends and family is, “have you taken any painkillers?”


Unfortunately, this is what your Doctor or GP would most likely recommend you do also.


Although the painkillers may help initially and leave you feeling great for a few hours, your pain will still be there once the painkillers have worn off.


The reason for this is because the painkillers do not get to the root cause of your problem, therefore only masking the pain. They are an effective short-term solution, but will not get to the bottom of what’s causing your knee pain!


2. Rest


Rest is actually good advice in the early stages of an acute injury. By resting the injured area you are ensuring no further damage takes place in the already sensitive area.


However, you can’t keep on resting the same injury, can you?


Resting the knee for a prolonged period of time can lead to the joint becoming stiff and tight, this can then become painful when putting pressure on it and moving around.


Instead of completely resting the knee try to keep active doing exercise that does not irritate your knee, this may exercise such as swimming or cycling.


And lastly…


3. Insoles and braces


Following the common pattern, wearing a knee brace only masks your current.


Although by wearing a knee support to ease your pain this does not get to the true source of your problem.


Braces and supports are used to help stabilise the joint and do most of the work for the structures around the joint.


Often when you have removed your support the pain often comes back stronger and quicker!


People often become frustrated after trying these three methods to help their knee pain, although they may feel the benefit in the short term, the knee problem does not go away and will keep coming back.


At ProSport Physiotherapy Clinic Huddersfield, we believe in restoring thoughtless, fearless movement so you can enjoy the activities you love without worrying about hurting you Knee

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